The Pump is on its way

I just heard from our supplier and my sons pump has been approved and should be here this Wednesday. I can tell you it pays to be persistent with your insurance/suppliers we should have the pump two months and three weeks after his diagnosis. But I did need to be annoying (in a courteous way) with everyone involved.
insurance/durable medical goods suppliers/ Tandem

Honey... I was just diagnosed with type one in December 2012 which I began the process of trying to get the pump for the first time and get the TSLIM.. hopefully I will have it in the next two weeks. Can't wait! Congrats to your son!!! Yay!Hugs! ;)

He was diagnosed in January so I guess you are in the same place we are right now. I really think the pump will be liberating for him. Good luck on yours

Thank you! Good luck to you and him also! ;)