Grocery Shopping Tips?

Hi everyone! Since the beginning of the pandemic, my family switched to online grocery shopping and I’ve been struggling to buy food for my diabetes. I’ve found it much more difficult to branch out and find new products, so I end up purchasing the same ones over and over. I need help! Does anyone share this struggle or have a similar experience (in person or online) / have any tips or apps they use for online grocery shopping?

Thank you!

Online grocery shopping is declining although it’s still at higher numbers than before the pandemic. It’s hard to find new products online. You get tired pretty quickly of just browsing through item after item you could care less about. I think a lot of us want to see things in person. I buy a lot of fruits and vegetables and while I’ve had pretty good luck in the past about getting produce from grocery stores that deliver that was nice, I still prefer to see it and choose it at the store.

Maybe look up some recipes for specific foods you enjoy. Along the lines of say you like soup, creamy soups. A variety will come up. Pick one that requires a new ingredient. Creamy carrot cashew bisque soup. Carrots, cashews, ginger, garlic and olive oil Coconut oil or coconut milk can be used too. Cashews make an excellent creamy base. You soak or boil them, then blend.

Marinated seitan or toasted nutritional yeast coated tofu. Great to snack on. Looking at some recipes might help give you some ideas to branch out and try some different ingredients. When I turned vegetarian at age 11, I made a vegetarian dinner every Sunday from a gourmet vegetarian recipe book I had found for my whole family. Some turned out great, some were just okay but I think we all enjoyed trying some different things.

This is a website I love as she does wonderful recipes, but there are plenty that will come up in search obviously!


You didn’t indicate your preferred eating style; I apologize if my online food resources are inappropriate for you. I have two sources that I like.

For meat, I order from ButcherBox. Their beef is all grass-fed, arrives frozen as standard cuts, and has been consistently high quality. I also order chicken, pork, and bacon from them. They carry seafood as well.

You might check out Thrive Market. I’m a relatively new customer and have only ordered a few shipments so far. I’ve bought peanut butter, cashew butter, avocado oil, Primal Kitchen organic unsweetened ketchup, and grass-fed collagen peptide powder. They have an app for your phone and you can use it to scan barcodes when you shop in person and the app will give you the Thrive Market price so you can instantly compare. There is an annual fee to use this service.

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