Guess What?!?!?

It’s official… I am now a pumper! I was trained this evening and have been loving it ever since! I’m still getting used to the infusion set… I’m afraid to move too much. I’ll get used to it eventually. We’ll see how tomorrow goes!

I remember those first moments, and you are right, you will get use to it. What pump did you go with?

I have a MiniMed Paradigm 722

I remember how exciting and overwhelming it was! The MM pump truly changed my diabetes life, but it took some time to learn all about it. I was very anxious about inserting the sets at first–nearly worked myself into passing out. (Now I am working on inserting the CGMS sensors and those are MUCH larger)! I was also using my stomach area at first and I found it rather painful. I decided to move the sets to my upper butt area, and found that much more comfortable! How are you doing with the bolus wizard? I really love that it calculates IOB (insulin on board). If you haven’t checked out the Pumping Insulin book you might want to look at it. There’s lots of great info! Wish you the best.

Congrats Ryan!