Just Got A PUMP!

I’m new to the pump - haven’t done my training in it yet (just opened the box)… but I would like to know any hints and help anyone could give me. I just got the Minimed Paradigm 522 pump with the CGM system. I would appreciate any help anyone could give a newbie!

If you haven’t registered and taken Medtronic’s Pump School, I recommend it. It will give the the leg up in asking proactive questions with your trainer. You can train specifically on the Paradigm 522 as well as the CGM functionality separately.

Tracy, I have a Paradigm 522, but not the CGM. I’ve had this model for about 2 years now and love it. This is actually my fourth pump in 11 years. I know for a fact, I would not be this healthy today without pump therapy. As far as the 522, the square wave bolus is pretty nifty. Just embrace your new found freedom being a pumper. It really is a new way of life and you won’t believe how much freedom you’ll have. 11 years ago when I began pumping, I remember crying to my husband, with happy tears, that this was the first time I actually felt normal since before I was diagnosed. Now, I have two beautiful kids…I really don’t think I would have been able to carry them without the pump. They know how to put my pump in suspend if I go “low”. It has just become a part of me. I’m proud of my success, can you tell? Good luck with your adventure. You’ve found a good group of people if you have any questions or need any support throughout your process. We’ve been through all of the ups and downs and are here to help you get through it. Pump on girl!!!

Hi Tracy and congrats,

Once you get the feel for the pump, you will be so happy with the freedom it gives you as to when you eat (versus taking a shot and eating right after, or eating and taking a shot right after, whichever one you used previously).

I’m on a Paradigm 715, so I don’t have the CGM system. I was hoping that it would somehow be made to work inside the existing infusion set, and that you didn’t need to take up more real estate with another subcutaneous device… Anyway,

After looking at the 522 with the CGMS it seems like the infusion set is quite different from the one I use with my 715 (MMT-317), so I don’t have many hints there. When you change sites, I would try and set-up an area that’s free for you to have all the supplies you will need (unless you are traveling). It makes life a lot easier to have a good area and routine to help site changes flow more smoothly.

Play with your pump. What I mean is look through all the functions of your pump, go through the menus and become accustomed to how you get it to perform different tasks. The more familiar you become with how to get the pump to do what you want, the easier it will be if you get into trouble (such as a low blood sugar episode and the CGMS is having problems).

This issue vexes me to this very day… I’m guessing that you get a 10 day supply of set changes (CGMS and Pump). What happens if your set or CGMS accidentally gets pulled out? Chances are you will be short on set changes that month. You are supposed to change your set every 3 days, and it’s a good idea to follow that rule, but if you “lose” a set unexpectedly, you might have to adjust the timing of set changes slightly. Hopefully, it does not happen to you, but it happens to me a few times a year (especially in summer). Maybe Minimed will realize that life happens, and will change their package count to 11 or 12 (but don’t hold your breath).

Here’s one: Never (and I do mean NEVER) take your old set off in the shower (unless you take the coldest showers known to humanity). I did this because I thought it would be easier to get some of the sticky glue from the back of the tape off my body; instead I bleed all over my shower (and bathroom) for several minutes. Hot water and removing an infusion set do not mix.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. If you have any questions, please pass them along.

Thanks for the help all… I’m going in for training this coming Tues. So, I may have more questions after that.

Congratulations, Tracy. You will love the pump.
Medtronic’s pump school online is a great resource. Play a lot with your pump before starting. I’ve started with insulin (no saline) and was a litle affraid of doing something wrong, but it wasn’t so bad. Be patient, test and log everything you can (food, exercise, stress). I’ts important to adjust your basals. For me, site changes work better in the morning, and removing the old one in the shower is easier (less skin irritation). You will have to try and see what’s better for you… Ask everything you want to!

I have been playing around with the pump - searching all the options, practicing etc… and I feel more comfortable with it. I even tried wearing it around (without being hooked up), just to see how I managed. I can see that this may pose a problem. Ladies, my question is for you… Where do you wear your pump? Is there any way to make it NOT noticeable??? I

I usually wear my pump clipped on my pants or skirt. Another great place for me is on my bra, under my arm (pump protected with baby socks). Medtronic has a lot of acessories too. I’ve herad about a thigh thing. And if you put your site on your thigh, you can place the pump on your socks (that one is from Kerri - sixuntilme.com). Good luck!

Hi Tracy, how is your new pump working for you…I just pick up my daughters…I’m excited and scared at the same time…

Tracy, Did you get started on your pump? If so how is it going? I have been on a pump for over 14 years. At first it took me like 30 minutes to change my site, now it takes like 5 minutes. Any questions, I am here!

My new favorite place to wear my Paradign 522 is a band you can wear on your arm or thigh as a sleeve to hold your pump. I love it. I get mine online at:

They also have some nice tanks and shorts and bras with pockets for your pump.

Tracy, check out www.pumpwearinc.com they have everything you could possibly want in the line of ways to wear an insulin pump. They have these things called pump bands that work great they are a spandex material with a pocket and you can get them for your thigh, arm, waist etc. thats just one of the many, many items they have for adults and children, we have used them for years andhave found them to be very reliable and quality products.


Get the book Pumping Insulin by John Walsh. It is an excellent book and has helped me a lot.

How are you doing Tracy ? my daughter has the minimed 722 with the sensor we love it


Now that you have been on your pump for about 4 Mo.s how it it going? I have been on the MM 722 sence Feb 07 with CGMS Love it.

Hi, I have the MM722 with the CGM. My main tip is don’t use regular alcohol wipes for preping the CGM site it dissolves the glue faster and you will lose your sensor. I use IV Prep for both sites (infusion and CGM) and it does a good job. Also don’t believe them about the senor age you can reset(reconnect) the old sensor and it will usually work for twice the length of time. If I think of anything else I will post it. :slight_smile:

Your question was posted in late January so you must have been on the pump for about a month an a half now. How is it going? I just started the pump a minimed paradigm 722 this week. Starting in with insulin and not saline. The first morning I was quite low ( 68) but we are adjusting the settings, and I am feeling quite liberated, and with greater hope of becoming more active and healthy. Hoping you are completely comfortable with your pump now.