The pump has arrived

And I have to admit that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I guess that it has finally sunk in how much work it is going to be to effectively manage my condition with the pump. It will be worth it with better control… I know I’ll feel better, live longer, be able to torment my kids more. And what I was doing before wasn’t working very well.

Time to take a deep breath and dive in this evening I guess, I have a lot of documentation to read and things to learn before training Friday. The concepts look straightforward enough, but I’m sure there are some nuances that will trip me up, but hey, that’s what I got you guys for, right?

I got the MiniMed Paradigm 722. It came with 4mos of supplies, but only the 10 test strips with the UltraLink meter kit. Yea, that’s good for about a day and a half. Glad I noticed so I could call for a script, though I do have plenty of my Aviva strips left.

Well congrats on getting a pump. I use the 522 but in all seriousness just take your pump out and play around with the options that it has because you don’t need to be hooked up (and shouldn’t be) to learn how to use it. When your trainer shows up she can reset all the settings that may have been changed. I learned a lot from doing just what I suggested. the more you no before your trainer shows up the more it will make sense and the easier it will be to start pumping.

Good Luck–Dave

Congratulation on getting on the pump. At first, I was very nervous when Manuel got his, I know it can be overwhelming, but you are right that feeling will go away. It does help a lot!

Considering how confused I felt when I first got mine I can make you a promise.
It will become second nature sooner then you think. After a bit of insulin adjustments you will settle in a bit and then wonder what did I ever do without this :slight_smile:
Be loved you are

Welcome to pumping! It is something you won’t want to live without.I started on the pump in February 2008.It felt a little funny to be able to skip and delay meals.I was on shots for 22 years.I am very brittle so the pump has been a Godsend for me and my family.They no longer have to rush over to my house when I am home and don’t answer the phone.I had alot of hypos on shots and lost my feeling of hypos because I was aiming for strict control.I was caught on a few occasions.When I got my pump I actually had fun taking my blood sugar,just seeing how steady the numbers were.You’ll Love It!!