Supplies bag?

I was curious about what type of bags people use to carry around their insulin,and syringes and testing supplies in? I just use a cosmetic bag to carry mine in, but it isn't very fashionable, and is kind of bulky. What do you all use???

I use a DIA-PAK Daymate for my pen and needles and for my meter I use the ultra mini one touch case. Not much out there for guys to use.

I went to Walmart and got the little hard shell case in the school supply section mine is blue. I keep a gelatin freese bag in there because it is flat keep cold for 10 hours or so. I also put my insulin is a little kooze so it can’y break.

For my insulin, syringes, needle cutter and alcohol pads I used to use a hearing aid bag, which the cushion side was perfect for the bottles to keep cool and protected. For my purse, I have an “on the go” glucometer from Walmart that has the meter built into the cap of the capsule that holds the strips, added a mini ultra touch penlet into the given bag and no one knows that I have this all. And then the glucose tablets I just throw in the purse as well. Luckily my purse is divided in sections, so I have a diabetic section, but yeah not much for men out there. ; )~

I tend to stuff everything in my pockets, because im too insecure to carry a Mag (Man-bag), although that would be the most handy thing to use.

I have a divided section in my purse also, I’ve thought about giving up the cosmetic bag and just using the divided sections, but I work, so it’s easier to just have it all in one place, therefore the cosmetic bag. But it gets kind of bulky sometimes, as I tend to overpack my diabetes bag just like I do my purse, and my house, lol, and my life. Thanks for your commehts everyone, I really appreciate it. I do feel bad for the guys cuz there just isn’t much out there.

Would one of those camera bags work? I’ve seen all sizes and shapes of them at the camera store… but they’re pricey. And before school started I saw a whole lot of sandwich/lunch bags for sale and some of them were not that expensive, at stores like WalMart. They’re insulated as well, which would be good.
Also the drug companies sometimes offer a ‘kit’ they will send to you (if you are in the US) for joining their ‘club’. I sent away for the Lantus ‘kit’ but have yet to receive it. I’m in Canada but I arranged for an American cousin to receive it almost 2 months ago and he’s still waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Maybe I did something wrong in the sign-up process. The trouble with taking advantage of any drug company deals is their advertising will appear somewhere (boldly) on the kit. That’s where the cool stickers and iron-on tags come in handy.
I’m not as experienced with diabetes ‘kits’ as I am with ostomy kits and contact lens kits and even first aid type kits but there are all kinds of bags out there nowadays and some of them should be ‘convertible’ to our diabetic needs. Guys can carry camera’s and pencil-type cases now, can’t they? Most of them have a ring that will attach to your belt… like a macho tool kit! Now a tool kit would be fun… reach in and ‘draw’ a syringe, sorta like Dirty Harry reaches for another ammo clip. Ooooo! Be still my heart!
Just poking out ideas and hoping I accidentally hit on something that might work for the fellas.

Hi its funny you ask because I just went online and bought a wonderful diabetic organiser! Its made just for us diabetics. It has an area for your insulin and comes with a cold pack for traveling. It holds both vials and insulin pens. It Has a roomy compartment for my syringes and another for my needle tips. It all zips too! It has an aera for my alcohol squares, my test strips, my meter, my needle cutter, my lancetts my test soultion for my meter and a bag attached that’s punture proof for bio hazzard stuff like used syringes! Its made by medport and believe it or not its compact it looks like its the size of a large hardback book. Its thick nylon and all zips up to one piece with a nylon carring handle. The best part is the price I got this bag for only twenty dollars! The ice packs included for traveling! Its black and looks so nice.I just went online and looked up diabetic organisers and compared prices until I found this one! I use it everyday and just love it!

I bought one at Walmart in the area where the diabetic stuff is. I use a ice pack in mine, and use it when we travel too. I have that Walmart brand Glucose Meter and put that in my Purse when ever I go anywhere.

PenPLus by Medicool i use this for my insulin during the warm months..

I carry my insulin pens in one of the open top pockets inside my purse. I keep the pen needles in a little change purse. Once used, I remove it carefully and put it back in, bring them all home and put them into my sharps container that day. Then, I put in more pen needles for the next day, check my pens to see if I need a new one for the next day and off I go.
I am looking forward to getting my first insulin pump in March 2012, if not sometime in February, and not having to take multiple shots everyday.

I bought a little Vera Bradley hanging cosmetics organizer (you can see one just like mine at which I love, love, love. The pockets are clear plastic so I can always see contents, and I have one pocket for alcohol swabs, one for lancets and pen needles, pockets for test strips, meter, and lancing device, and I use the large main pocket for my insulin pen and a travel sharps collector. The bag also has a little tuck-away metal hook that is a lifesaver if I'm having to slip away to the ladies' room to test or inject. During the weekdays, I just tuck the bag into my work tote bag, and on weekends I carry it with my purse - it looks like a cute little clutch.