Happppy ! Good numbers = D

I got my labs back and my A1c went from 6.1 to 5.9 Yaaayyyy !!! My FBS was 125 that day. My total Chol =150
LDL =101 HDL= 48 = / Trigly = 94

But my weight just won’t budge much, my heel pain is getting a little better so I’m hoping to walk more. But overall It’s pretty good = )

Congrats on all the good labs =) Keep it up! Have a great week!


Wow! Wonderful!!! Happy for you. :slight_smile:

Hi Joanne - I am a newby to this site and happened upon your post - your numbers are really great! What caught my attention was your heel pain comment - I just saw a podiatrist this week and received a cortisone shot in my heel for plantars fasciitis and I can honestly say that 2 days later now it is sooooooooo much better. I don’t know what your heel issue is but you might consider the cortisone shot. The doctor said you don’t know if or how effective it will be but for me it has helped a lot. He also wants to fit me for orthodics(?) for my shoes. Anyway, congrats on good numbers!

Joanne…I don’t know what you’ve mentioned in previous posts about your heel but if there’s pain it very well could be Plantar Fascitiis, It is not too uncommon. There are special shoe inserts that you can order on line for this (a client of mine swore by his). Also, there are specific exercises/stretches for this. Do a web search when you have time and hopefully it will help. One last suggestion that is very helpful: use a can (from the kitchen cabinet) and roll it under your foot to sort of do a “deep tissue” massage on the muscles under there, including the ball s of your feet. Good luck, I hope this helps!

Oops, didn’t realize that Debby already mentioned P.F. haha!
I wonder how she did with the cortisone. It can really do a number on blood sugars. Debby, if you see this…how was it? I had a cortisone shot only one time in my life and won’t ever do it again. I was sick for 3 days. My BG went into the 300’s. The ortho didn’t mention the risk and later my Endo said that I should have been followed closely. Ugh! I am glad that the pain went away for Debby! :slight_smile: