Happy Belated Diabetes Anniversery

So a year after my 2 year old was diagnosed with type 1, she goes back into the hospital for DKA. Even though she was running lower sugars she still had keytones and she was in there for a week. When she left we were home for 2 day and had to go right back to choc… she spent two weeks there (christmas). I was so beside myself because she was in critical condition and american red cross sent a amcross message to the pentegon for them to send to ship for my husband to come home, my husbands command pulled shady ■■■■ and didn’t send him home. It takes special people to be a military family, my little girl has made huge sacrifices and gone with out. When people ask her where her daddy is she responds at work on a ship. She is three in two weeks. So now that we have been doing this a year, gone through what we been through, it just makes us sooooo much stronger… it made me stronger.

Continue to be strong because living with Diabetes is a struggle we understand and we hear you.

Please tell your little girl that her Daddy is a very important man who is doing great things so that we will all be free and safe. She needs to know that by being a good girl she is helping her dad do great things.

I was a GI, and was never married when I was in the service. I always marveled at what the families endured, and how they are America’s unsung heroes. I used to jump out of planes and all kinds of other silliness, but that was nothing compared to having a life partner getting shot at, one in diapers crying, another backtalking, the school bus coming, and the car won’t start. Oh, yah - and a toddler with this nasty disease. God bless you all, and thank YOU for what YOU are doing for America. It IS appreciated.

Well he is home now, we are sooooo happy! She and i made it through the hospital visit and january and february alive and well and no more visits! Now we are researching places that they want to send us for pediatric endocrine docs so we can move to our top picks.