Happy BD Fred Banting!

Always think of him on 11/14, my own BD, because without his work I would have stopped having birthdays 37 years ago. How many have you had? Science matters!


:partying_face: Happy Birthday Fred and @DrBB :partying_face:



Like you, I’ve been the beneficiary of 37 added birthdays due to the work and altruism of Banting and colleagues. I find it interesting that Banting discovered insulin when he was 30 years old, the same age I was when diagnosed with T1D.



Thank you for that reminder. 48 and, thankfully, still counting, for me …

I always think of Banting and Best when I think of insulin. As I recall, McLeod was the senior faculty member who actually was less involved than either Banting or Best, correct?

It’s reassuring (???) to see that academia has changed little in nearly a century …

Stay safe!


I have had 9 extra birthdays thanks to Banting and Best so far.
Happy birthday @DrBB!

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Happy Birthday to both of you :birthday::champagne: Yes he saved all of our lives, it was one of the true huge achievements of science and medicine. Coming from a scientific family I agree completely! It has been about 9 extra for me now.And lets not forget Best also :blush:

Interesting! My diagnosis was on his death anniversary, which coincided with Washington’s bday holiday 50+ years ago.


Lets all go to the Banting house when covid is over. I’ve never been. I think I need a passport to go to Canada.


Anybody got photos of his paintings? I want!


You are in luck! You can OWN one of his paintings that is coming up for auction in December and this gallery has an image of that painting:

They expect it to fetch in the range of $18,000 - $22,000. I assume, but can’t be certain, that that estimate is $CA rather than $US.

This also includes a bit more about his life as an artist after winning the Nobel Prize.

I expect that a bit of Googling will turn up more images of his artwork.

Good luck!


…and it was developed by a small team at a public research university in Toronto. It’s a such a slap in the face to all the people who think only the profit motive and private healthcare systems can drive innovation!


So sad that he was only 49 when he died, in a plane crash of all things, only 20 some years after the insulin discovery. I’ve already had many more years than that since I was dx’d, thanks to him.


Happy Birthday @DrBB and of course Fred!!

I am fortunate to have 50 more years due to their discovery! I have read many stories of what it was like before insulin. The starvation diets with exercise, which was almost impossible for children to do. Those that did it well, got to get those first doses of insulin. And survived!
Thank God for science! Science has made my life so much better and easier!

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FANTASTIC, @John_S2! Thanks sooo much. Maybe one day, I can afford one. Landscape guy? I would peg him for a landscape guy. Its not a great piece, but he was a great man. It’s pretty affordable.

If we all pooled money, maybe we could buy it for the Mayo. Mayo has done so much to help us recently. They have an incredible art collection.

Wow, he survived the crash (initially). He was amazing!

I’ve had almost 34 years since diagnosis (Dec. 29, 1986). I was 21 then, so a lot more than double for me. The podcast Stuff You Missed In History Class did a 2 part episode on the history of diabetes and insulin, but I can’t remember the title. They did a great job on explanations, and gave credit to a bunch of people.

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Happy BDay (belated) @DrBB!!
You are in very good company sharing this date with Dr. Sir Frederick Banting!
I’ve enjoyed over 4 dozen extra birthdays as the result of his work, & his 3 colleagues @ University of Toronto, 1921.
Dr. Banting in a true sense of medical care for humanity, sold the patent to the University for $1.00, as per his quote referenced by @Terry4 post: “Insulin does not belong…”
And yet, so many people cannot afford this life sustaining hormone.
I’m confident Dr. Banting would not be impressed by his scientific peers of current Big Pharma and the unconstrained grab for revenue. Disgusting… grrrr!


75 extra birthdays for me. I was diagnosed in 1945. Articles I have read indicate that young children diagnosed in the 1940s were not expected to live beyond their teens.


and 100 years ago he had the idea on Halloween to fix diabetes - that idea didn’t work but he kept at it, and got it done. Gave it to the University of Toronto (publicly funded) for a dollar, and had Connaught Labs (a PUBLIC health agency) produce and distibute it to those who needed it (like us) for cost. plus ca change … pas de meme chose .

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We want to stream a movie or documentary about this guy and the discovery of insulin. Recommendations?

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