Happy (Low Carb) Halloween!

Have fun!

hee hee! :slight_smile:

I’ll never look at candy corn the same :slight_smile:

A happy Halloween to you all as well!

I had such pangs of conscience handing out candy to kids! They really ought to make the stuff illegal to anyone under 18.

You must be this tall to get candy–lol.

lol good one! Next year I’ll hand out sardine tins.

I’d go with something that won’t break a window when thrown at your house:)

Wow! It’s surprisingly tough to come up with window-safe low carb treats that can be carried in a candy bag. Maybe a snack-size bag of chicharones? If they even make those…

That’s what I was thinking also–so funny. I’ve seen them in snack size bags in convenience stores. Can’t bring myself to eat them, though.

When I was a kid, I used to get little bags of peanuts from a lot of neighbors… :slight_smile: Some would mix em up with mostly peanuts, and a small amount of M&Ms, or candy corn. I always liked those a little better than regular candy…

It’s always the ‘weird’ ones that stay with you. A guy gave me a potato once, I don’t have any other specific memories of Halloween treats.

Some would give me handfuls of pennies! lol

A potato! Wonder if that’s the Halloween equivalent of a lump of coal.

I remember the people who gave little boxes of raisins. One neighbor had a huge bowl of pennies. We could grab a handful. That was fun. A lot cheaper than buying candy now.

Pennies–a low carb treat with lots of healthy copper!


Oh vomit . . . I didn’t like candy corn before . . .

The girls traded their candy in for a trip to Half Price Books, and the candy got donated to a neighbor who works at MHMR. MHMR hosts a Halloween party for their clients after Halloween, because they depend on the generosity of folks like us.

How lovely!

what a fantastic idea! Ill have to see what sort of booty the girls have left and trade them for books.