Hard time getting meter to read (OneTouch Verio Flex)

I have the hardest time getting this meter to read my blood glucose levels. I swear I am doing it right, but it seems it hates me or I could possibly be messing up. I am good with every single thing else but letting the meter do it’s job and read the blood sample.

For the time being my doctor wants me to only do it once a day according to the test strip package/prescription. I am not on insulin yet, and I am waiting to be on an oral medication but not sure which one.

any advice> anybody else had a hard time at first?

Edit: I have found holding the testing strip on it’s side side helps as it ‘sucks’ the blood as it does the count down.

I have not use the Verio, but used to have the One Touch Ultra (and other One touch meters) and found the only time I got error messages was when not enough blood got into the blood strip. What error message are you getting? Or what does the reading tell you?

When I went on to CGM, Dexcom sent me a Contour Next One meter which I was hesitant to use at first but instantly came to love it as it was much more accurate than all my various previous One Touch meters and uses a much smaller blood drop so no longer get those errors, plus less painful finger pricks. Dexcom sends me all the blood strips needed in a month as part of the medicare monthly package, but I checked out the prices of Contour Next One strips in case I needed an emergency supply and found them to be quite a bit less expensive than One Touch strips.

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I agree, Contour Next is much more accurate that One Touch Ultra for me too.

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Error 4 is what I get.

Error 4 is

  1. Possible high glucose in low temp environment;
  2. Test strip damaged or moved during test procedure;
  3. Sample improperly applied;
  4. Possible meter problem
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Betting it is 2 or 3, thanks for the info!

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After you do your finger prick, make sure only blood drop touches the strip. Be careful not to jam finger into blood strip if you have a small drop of blood and see if that helps. Getting sufficient size blood drop for the One Touch strips was always a challenge and literal finger pain.

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Error 4 for one touch verio is insufficient blood applied.

Do you get this error every time, or just sometimes?

You can call customer service and they can help review, and may send new strips.

Verio flex error

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It seems to happen to me every time. I had a family member help and he got it to work.

This is my insurance companies pick. I find it is a good meter. I am guessing you are getting too much blood. The information is very informative. Glad you got help. You can also call them for assistance. Nancy50

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ok so the trick is to apply the blood sample on that little line on the strip! for anybody who is googling for help, this is what i did to get it to work.

Easiest way is to apply the drop to the line, on the edge. It will “suck” up the blood into that line.

Check out this video around 1:00 mark.


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Yep, this is what I just stated in my edited original post!

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Be sure you are putting the test strip flat right up against the blood. It works like a “vacuum” and, you are right, it sucks the blood in. Remember gravity works, if you have the strip at an angle it has a harder time sucking it up. It is hard to explain it with just words and no visual demonstration but I’ll try. The test strip should be basically be lying horizontally flat on your finger right at the edge of the blood. Then it should suck it right up. As other people have mentioned…you do need to be sure you have an adequate sample size. I would ask your doctor for a referral to a diabetic educator and/or nutritionist.

I did see a diabetic educator, and am seeing her again in April. She’s actually a dietitian though! She was very nice, and she just didn’t show me how to do it is all. I mean the whole way to get the sample when finger is poked. I got it working fine now.

You’re putting the blood on the side of the strip instead of the narrow tip? Right?

That’s kind of unique to the verio…

Yeah, I have been getting good blood samples since watching a video on it.

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Isn’t that the meter with the super-thin strips? If it is, I could hardly pick them up and stopped using that meter after a few months.

I am having no probs with the meter myself. Everybody’s different, I guess.