Pregnant, 35, diabetes for 28 years.....A1c 5.5!

Got the best news yesterday from my Endo. Bear with me while I toot my own horn for a moment. I am in my 30th week of my 3rd pregnancy. Needless to say, this baby was a total surprise. My A1c is 5.5. the best it’s ever been…EVER. I am on cloud 9.

Now that’s definitely something extra super duper special to celebrate about. Congrtulations! So happy for you. I wish your the best! =)

CONGRATS!! That’s something to be proud of!

Congratulations! Fabulous news. That will be one Special Baby. :slight_smile: That A1c is unbelievable for a pregnant Woman. Good going.

p.s. LOL I think conceiving at age 60 is a Surprise, not age 35. :smiley:

That is awesome and just warms my heart. Reminds me of how I felt 24 years ago with my pregnancy and similar A1c result. Its a lot of work and oh so well worth it!! Best wishes to you and baby.

That’s fantastic! Way to go!! :0)

Wowsa, great news as I know how much hard work goes into a number like that, and congrats on the baby!!!

Noooooooooooo…you are on cloud 5.5!! Congrats, we all know the work behind that number. Keep it up (or down).

Congratulations and I am sure your baby will be beautiful and healthy!

Congradulations! on the baby…and the number:)

yay, love those low A1c’s.

Congrats! You should be very proud of yourself

Congratulations on the low A1c and the third baby. My the little one be born happy and healthy.

That is awesome news! Keep on floating on that cloud!

Hope your pregnancy continues to go as beautifully!