Pregnancy after 35

I’m currently 35 & working on getting my sugars in tight control so I can have another baby. I saw in another post that someone heard it’s not a good idea to become pregnant after 35 if you are diabetic. My doctor hasn’t mentioned this to me so I was wondering what others think.

Any pregnancy after a certian age carries extra risk. Diabetes increases those risks even more but not by an astronomical amount. At the end of the day, I think a good A1c, and good control trumps age :slight_smile:

I just had my second baby at 38, he is great and so am I. I would just say to aim for a 6.0 A1C and you should be golden.
Make sure you have a great high risk OB, who really stays on you and your sugars.


I had twins at 43. My BG’s were in tight control and I had absolutely no diabetic complications. Since I was high risk for many reasons (“advanced age” and T1) I had a LOT of doctor’s appointments and some hospital bed rest… but really it was a pretty easy pregnancy.

I’m 38, 9 weeks pregnant, T1 for 26 years and yes, age is a factor but it is for anyone! Go for it, stay in tight control and good luck!

Hi Patra,

Thxs for this comment, I will be 39 in jan and so concerned about not be able to get pregnant at such an age. Did you always have tight control prior my A1c is thru the roof so i want to consistantly get a normal reading before I dabble with the thought of getting pregnant. I want it to be well thought out to avoid any complications that I have control over. :slight_smile:

I had my 4th baby at 38 and my fifth at 40. Since my youngest is 22 this was awhile ago, so my starting A1C was probably in the 7’s - (I am a LADA & became diabetic during my 2nd pregnancy, 34 years ago). I kept tight control (multiple shots not a pump) and had a good endo & ob & everything was fine with the 2 girls. (neither of these pregnancies were planned - so it is good that I kept my BS under what was considered really good control for that time period)

I was able to successfully have my first at 39 1/2 yrs and having T1 since I was 12. My doctors informed me that there were some extra risks, but I think it was more because of my age than due to the diabetes. If your in control of your diabetes when you conceive and remain committed to doing that for the 9 months, I think you will do fine! My daughter is going on 6 months old now and I am sooooo glad that I decided to try to have a child. Best of luck to you!!!!