Has anyone every had a Eptopic Pregnancy

Bitter sweet..

I was sitting at my desk at work when i strong cramp hit me, I went to the restroom to ck myself out knowing i'm am 6 weeks pregnant. Not to sound nasty as i got of the toliet I noticed 4 BIG blood clots. Called my ob/gyn and he asked me to come to the ER quickly. They did an HCG test to make sure my levels were still rising and which they weree indeed rising. they took me back to do a vaginal ultrasound come to find out my baby was growing in my tubes. I know this is sound but i'm sooo greatful because the doc told my husband if we would have waited another day or two my tube could have burst, which could have been internal bleeding for me and death.. have you guys ever been through this or know someone who has? Doc says after they removed the embryo i still have both tubes and could try to get pregnant again in 3months but i'm so scared to try again.. any advice?

Thanks MissFive for your reply, yeah my doc told me you can have babies afterwards but so afraid the same thing will happen…

Thanks MissFive, we will start trying again in August

I’m so glad that you are OK Sharray! Good thing that you took the steps that you did. I hope that you are able to recover well – both physically and emotionally. You still have a lot to look forward to!