Has anyone on here had the swine flu yet

hi there its me again the worrying mother.i just would like to know if anyone one this websit had the swine flu and if so how did they cope with it…at the moment its in my neighbourhood…and i’m a bit worried not 4 me just my son last time he had the flu he ending in hospital …thanks.janet xx

Everyone I know claims I didn’t have the swine flu, but I am sure I did!! I went to Mexico about a week before it was all over the news, about 3 days into my trip I had the chills, a fever of about 101, and coughing and sneezing like crazy. This lasted about 4 days, I went to the doctor when I got home ( I was almost better by then ). He gave me anti-biotics, but like I said I was just about better anyway. Sickness never affects my blood sugar, I didn’t have any ketone strips, so I am not sure about that… Who know maybe I didn’t have swine flu, same symptoms though and I was in Mexico???