Has anyone tried Doctor fish for their feet?

I have brittle skin, which easily goes hard and forms calouses. At the moment, my feet are healthy. Scored 10 out of 10 on last set of checks, but I’d like to be rid of some hard skin. I’ve been reading about spas with “Doctor fish” which remove dead skin safely, but I’ve never met enyone who has had the treatment

What is “Doctor Fish”? Good old vaseline and a pair of socks does the trick for me.

I agree with Mignonne.
The most abrasion I do is with the exfoliating scrubs on the market. I give 'em a good massage and soak before clipping nails.

I use a professional callous file, and I religiously apply Heel Cream by Dermal Therapy to my feet…it has a very high urea content, and it’s made the world of difference. I also use their hand cream and finger cream. Best stuff I’ve ever found.


I use a file after showers & then use emu oil, or olive oil or coconut oil when I’m out of emu oil. Sorry, never heard of Dr. Fish. Can you post a link to this product?

I had that done in a hot spring in China. My uncle and I sort of dared each other and we both wound up putting our legs in. Basically, these tiny fish swarm your feet and nibble away at the dead skin. It really tickles :slight_smile: Our feet did feel noticeably smoother afterward, and we had a great time. I’m not sure if it’s the most effective or inexpensive way to get the results you’re looking for, but it’s definitely a fun thing to try.

Here’s a pic of my cousin becoming fish food:
6049-croppedfishfeet.jpg (78.3 KB)

How cool! I’d love to try that.

I think these fish will eat skin that has flaked off. I really don’t think these fish will abrade down callous. If they actually were able to remove hard callous then they also would presumably eat away all the good skin leaving you with terrible gaping wounds. I would get a pumice stone and just work it.

Ooops. Sorry, the party line is you should go your podiatrist.

Podiatrist appointments are few and far between. I got the impression that the fish can differentiate between dead and living flesh, like the maggots that are used to clean wounds.