Just got back from my appointment. And what a friggin waste of time! The doctor started naggin on me about my weight, as if i don’t know about it already since about 15 years back! And just kept talking about type 2 all the time when i firmly told him i’ve ONLY had high readings for the past month and I’m feeling worse even though I’ve cut down on carbohydrates quite a bit, along with the fact that I had a virus infection and an ear infection at the same time earlier this year and had 2 vaccinations in the same day in June despite the fact that it has felt my body is against me since my illnesses in spring. But at least the doctor shut up long enough for me to mention I wanted to have the Type 1 tests done because I’m just 23 years old, more active than ever, I am working on loosing my extra weight, eating less and more healthy than before, and it’s only been a month with these high readings. But yeah, I wasted a lot of time, because not even one test was taken today! Only BP which was slightly high but i blame that on not being resting properly before, and never being able to relax while they take those tests… I can never relax my arm when they take BP on the upper arm! And at the moment I’m also pretty stressed about a lot of things.
So still no answers, and I’ll have to go back on wednesday to have bloodtests taken! He wanted me to come tomorrow morning, but then I said I couldn’t because I’m working tomorrow. My only workday this week! I’ve already missed work today because I got such a stupid time for the appointment! Oh, and the doctor asked me if I was fasting now… Of course I wasn’t fasting! My appointment was at 2pm for crying out loud! And at the moment I can eat like a horse and still feel hungry or be hungry again an hour later, so good luck with fasting until 2pm angry

At least that doctor did agree it was a good idea to run the antibody test too on wednesday! One small victory at least…

But this is really the reason why I got a glucose monitor at home! My not so good experience with the medical system!

Rant over.

I’m sorry you had this experience - it doesn’t help when it feels like the doctor is nagging you. I find it helps me to go to the doctor with a friend, or my husband. My husbnd is type 2, so we go together every 3 months to our dr.
so basically, you still don’t know. I know from being on tudiabetes that many times it is not clear whether a person is t1 or t2.
so, here’s a big HUG! wish I could do more…

Argh! How frustrating!!

I’m glad that you will get the tests on Wednesday! Do you have your meter at home? If yes, what is it reading now?

A fruity smell in your mouth can be a sign of extremely high blood sugars. If you measure and your blood sugar is over 14 mmol/L more than 2 hours after eating, then I think that you should go to the emergency room.

High blood sugars can make you feel rotten… so you will feel better when your blood sugars are more normal. I hope that the blood tests will make things more clear… just a few more days to wait…

Hey Jennie,

Sorry the doctor was such a jack—. I know who this goes as I have had different health problems since 1994 and they still have only diagnoised me as probable MS. In 1994 I lost my eye sight in one of my eyes to optic nueritis and this a very common thing for people with MS. I have been watched by a nuerologist ever since that. IT is a pain in the butt.

Hang in there girl you only have 2 days to go and then you will get tested. This is fraustrating to those of us here in Tu Diabetes world because we understand where you are coming from. Many of us have been there at one time or another.

Good luck