My Doctor...GRRR!

OK I'm done being dr. is seriously stressing me out big time. I went in yesterday..took an hour and a half to get through the whole appointment. I ask him if he got my letter for my school done (which was supposed to be done 2 weeks ago)...NO.. but they got it done before I left..and it was pityful... basically it just said "the above patient is allowed to have snacks in the classroom" umm yeah and you were supposed to add bathroom and testing supplies too...not that its a major deal cuz most teachers are cool about it but theres always that ONE teacher! So I was kind of ticked about that then I asked him if my CDE had talked to him about me seeing an Endo. his answer.. Nope and I don't see why you need to your doing numbers are sometimes around 200 or above so I didn't want to get into it with him again over me wanting to know what type I am and all because he would have just said it doesn't matter again.. I don't know he's just really stressing me I feel like he doesn't really know much about this disease or its his way or the highway sort of thing.... So I called and left a message with my CDE to see if she did actually call and ask him to refer me...hoping to hear back from her soon.

Eeek! Bad doctors are bad.
Well, no so much bad as not caring enough. You just got started on a new insulin delivery therapy and not only you are coping with learning the ropes, you also have to teach others around you on how everything works. He could be a wee more helpful.

I met with my nurse today and so far she has answered all of my questions the best she can and even answered things i forgot to ask. She did warn me that there is a lot of things I'll have to figure out on my own. I guess you'll have to wait for your CDE to answer, but I wouldn't give up on getting that reference, just keep calm and keep trying (start calling them every week for that referral, lol)

With all the stuff I am going through right now i have had to have several letters written by my doctors office. I will normally get all the information I can from the person or organization that wants the letter and then I write the darn thing myself. Leave extra room at the top and the doctors staff can xerox it right on their letter head. Problems solved.

As a 40 year Type 1 veteran, I can tell you that discrimination is alive and well in this country. Sad but true. I've been rejected on special needs, which I feel are not that special, by schools, work, and at events. Fortunately, not often, but it does happen. Sad that our society can't teach itself better accepting of those that are not perfect. This "elitist" attitude really pisses me off.

That sounds like a great idea brokenpole! :) Thanks for all your comments everyone
...Still haven't heard from my CDE...I wish she would hurry and call me already!..It's like when I really need her I can't get ahold of her but then when it's for something not that important she picks the phone right up lol