Have you ever believed you were cured?

Have you ever believed you were cured?

A few days ago I ran across two incidences of people who at some time after diagnosis felt they had been cured. One gentleman simply went off his medication after he had been using insulin. He reported that he was willing to take insulin but when the doctor moved him to metformin, he felt he was cured and stopped using diabetes medication. He reported that he felt better for a bit but was gradually persuaded to use diabetes medication again because he noticed his symptoms returning. The second case involved a 20+ year old male who took insulin for a bit and after a few days post diagnosis he convinced himself he was ‘cured’. Obviously his blood sugar was in check with insulin and he, in spite of his doctor’s warnings, went off insulin and rapidly returned to the hospital.

I wonder how prevalent this phoneme is in the diabetic community. For me I never ever thought I was or would be cured. When my doctor spoke of the 5 year cure, I knew that those 5 years would pass several times before there was a cure and I never believed it would include me. For me my mind set went to the extreme and dwelled on the negative effects of having the disease, I never once thought of the positive fantasy of riding myself of it.

So I read through some diabetic literature and I only found two sort of reference which were brief: the first about children and the second about minority adults. First, was the child with diabetes who believes that adults can fix things, and who sometimes believe that once mom or dad arrive, they will be cured . That is not a question of ‘I was cured’ rather a question of ‘I will be cured’. These statements are very different. Certainly young children so often expect fathers or mothers to have magical powers and as such once mom or dad arrive I will be cured.

The other reference is about minority populations who may feel they were lied to about diabetes; therefore there is no need for a cure. The article postulates that disease may be viewed, in some minority populations, as a way to exploit persons of minority races, and the fact that some people might call medicine a pseudo-science used to scare them. Though the article does not speculate on the cause, except to say it is a common ethnic understanding of medical science.

One can certainly understand the issue in the African American community. You only have to look at the violation of rights by the purveyors of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment conducted between 1932 and 1972 to understand the terrific mistrust that may be present in the American African American community. Still this is a statement of a lie being told at diagnosis not a belief in a cure.

So in one day I found two people who felt at least for a bit they had been cured of diabetes basically in a miraculous fashion. Both of the gentleman exhibited proper behavior to make me believe they were of average to above average ability and each gentleman has been reliable in the past. One had a pump attached and the other reported he was currently using metformin.

I have met a diabetic who believed so much in prevention that he was willing to use a crack pot idea to not use insulin. I felt sorry for him, we spoke at length about his use of this product and he continued doing so despite my caution against doing so. He eventually died pretty soon after he told me of the miracle nature cure he had found. But, even he never claimed he did not have the disease, in his case type 2. Instead he was hell bent on avoiding the economic (he was trying to beat a required annual physical) and social pressure of using insulin.

So what has been your experience have you ever, even for a short period felt ‘cured’? And if you have at what age might that have been? This is not a survey scientific or otherwise. I am just really interested. Like I say I have never felt cured. Now wanted to be cured? I have wanted to be cured. But never for a second have I ever thought I have been cured. So my question, if you have or have not ever felt you had been cured, what tended to cause that opinion?

Was you thought of being cured related too feeling better when you started insulin or other diabetic medications? Was it rebellion and the belief that you could or would forsake treatment and the consequences be dammed (I might have fit in this category)? Or was it something I have not contemplated? This idea of thinking we are cured might be a subset topic of diabetes, something people have not really explored. Scientific paper anyone? Or am I missing the existing published literature?


*Note: (I am not referencing the articles because I lost them (and could not locate them again) when my internet died before I got them into endnote, my apologies to the authors)


I never allowed my brain to "go there". I have always treated my D this way....this is the hand I was dealt and I have to play it. Dwelling on the crap that comes along with it will not make it go away or make me better. I've always thought about a cure and the wonderful day that it might happen. But, I'm a realist. That day will probably never come.


Sarah, I am pretty much the same way. I figure a cure (whatever that means) will not involve me. I am hopeful for my grand children's generation. I think in fact this idea is so foreign that it causes me to pose the question. Heck maybe I am off course in my thinking?

Alright, I am off course in many of my thoughts. So those thoughts or usually the lack of restraint of my thoughts always need a double check.

when i was a child i was told that at puberty diabetes might go away......but it did not.....oh...how i wished...but i was hooked
so just did what i needed to do & here i am today years later still doing the same...taking care of myself

A cure in my lifetime? mwahaahaahaaaa. I'm even too old for clinical trial participation. After dx and gc levels brought to normal, I felt euphoric. That was probably the best thing that has happened so far, and provided much encouragement to take care of myself. When normal = euphoria...well, much gratitude for that.

I remember my first year in college... was having repeated hypos after dinnertime for several days in the same week. Thought to myself, "hey, maybe this is a second honeymoon or something, let's try not taking insulin at dinnertime". Next thing I knew my bg was 400+. Spent a long time correcting it. (Remember this was long long before fast-acting, just regular.) No, never really thought myself cured :-).

As a type 2 I spent my early years thinking that there really wasn't anything wrong. Over the years diabetes has set my thoughts straight.

I never have really thought of myself as cured. As a matter of fact no one has ever mentioned to me a possible 5 year cure for Type 2. I have made peace with the fact that I will have to fight this thing till the very end.

dx with type 1 as an adult and spent the first year trying to exercise it away. i knew it REALLY couldnt happen but there was some part of me that thought, just maybe, just maybe....

whenever my insulin needs go down significantly, like in the summer, i half joke that im almost cured. the other half is hoping that i will be the miracle d case.

Pancrease, I once decided I wanted to be cured, then I looked at my poor mom. Yeah she deserved a cure way more than I did. She never got one so I had to figure my chances were slim to none. However I do occasionally ask God if She is sure my warranty has really expired. I have awaited her answer for over 40 years now. :slight_smile:

I have never held out for a cure. However, the other day I came across a journal entry I wrote where I allowed myself to consider what a cure would be like. I wrote it five years ago, but it's really well-written so I was thinking of putting it up on WDD. I missed that date, but I'll probably still blog it at some point...

When my bs normalized, I did wonder if they made a mistake and perhaps I am not diabetic.

Thanks for the comment Cherry red and welcome to our site. I am coming to believe that this notion of thinking we are cured is a fairly common phenomena. As I said in my note above, I never experienced it. But I do understand it.

When I was newly dx'd I got my A1C down to 5.9 and BG in lower 90's, for one day I thought I was cured. I had a Blueberry muffin, Apple fritter, Sweet coffee drink and some candy. Went home, posted about it on ADA's website and the memebers on that site told me "Sorry kiddo, you aren't cured!" more like [paraphrased] "You're a little bit Pregnant" well...it was fun for that one day anyway! Shucks! I know for now, I have good control. I hope it lasts and lasts... And, of course a cure would be great...

When I was newly diagnosed and in the hospital, the staff gave me a small paperback book about diabetes. I remember reading in that book that a rare T1, diabetes mellitus patient will find that they are cured. So that planted a small seed in my mind that maybe one day, I would wake up and not have this chronic illness.

One day, not long after I bought my first meter (nearly 20 years post-diagnosis), I spent nearly the entire day low. It didn't matter what I did, my blood glucose would rise slightly after eating those huge B-D glucose tablets (I think they were made for horses!), then it would plummet again. The entire day, I was constantly seeing 57, 65, 71, 88, then 43 on the meter. I couldn't figure it out, then I began to wonder if my pancreas was suddenly producing insulin, and this was the reason for constantly being low. Yay! Maybe I am cured!

Then the next day came, and it was absolutely normal for a T1D.

Oh well!

LOL!! Not I, but I actually had a DOCTOR suggest that I didn't have diabetes anymore because I had such a great A1c!! (Why does that even surprise me!!)

June 2011 a1c 7.0 fbs 141,Dr said, "You're diabetic"! "Lose some weight". So I lost 25 lbs. Went back to Dr.Sept 2011. A1c 5.5 fbs 105. Dr (really??) said "You're not diabetic"! Nurse practitioner (Miss really??) said, "It's resolved"!! Wow, I'm "cured"!!
July 2014 A1c 6.9 OOPS??