When your cured

Heres a good one, to keep hopes up. When your cured what will you do? Think about it... if one day bam... no diabetes. What would you do?

Ha I don't actually know, the D feels like such an intrinsic part of my life now. It drives so much of what I do and how I structure my life, from how and when I exercise, to what I eat, how much I sleep.. It kind of makes me much more driven and focused than I would be if I didn't have it I think? How sad is that ha..

I guess I would have an absolutely monstrous food blow out.. Go down to the bakery down the road and lay into the fresh sourdough bread,doughnuts ha... Get some fresh pasta. Buy a bundle of fresh fruit.

Book some flying lessons, I have always wanted to learn to fly but am not allowed to due to diabetes.

Then I think I would book a holiday somewhere for a while and just completely unwind, eat what I want, drink what I want, sleep when I want and just gently wash away all the tension and anxiety that diabetes can bring..

Damn, hope is a dangerous thing ha..

Try to help others achieve the same.

Don't know. Thought honestly doesn't interface with my mind in any graspable way.

I think I've done a good job excluding any hope for so long, for me at least. I can see (and encourage!) others benefiting from prevention/cure research but just cannot grok that it could ever help me.

not much different except i won't be on a first name basis w/ the pharmacist anymore

Great question, I've thought about it for some time and now I'm in an excellent mood.
I would throw a party with some friends and get really drunk. And after I wake up with a huge hangover, I'd measure my bg and I would see a great number like 90 or something. And probably, that's the point when I start crying like a baby. Furthermore, I would go to a fancy restaurant with my parents and ask for the meal with the most carbs. And ofcourse, I'd go to the beach and I wouldn't get strange looks cause there is no pumpsite anymore. (the only reason they'd look twice now is my perfect body...) But well, let's face reality, I'm rambling a bit so I better check my bloodglucose.

eat drink and sleep, when I want too, not when Insulin allows me to. :-)

I'd have a big pile of pancakes drenched in Saurguhm molasses with dark amber maple syrup as well. Loads of fresh fruit along with all the other great breakfast goodies. Then I'd eat 'til I couldn't move.

After breakfast I'd go buy a Paula Dean cookbook.

I would have Paula Deen cook something for me and then die.

Don't forget the powdered sugar for the pancakes!

No, No powdered sugar. Quite sweet enough with the molasses and syrup. But, peanut butter is required!

I think I'd go into shock. For one I'd feel like my life has been saved. The truth is I've almost died a few times in my sleep and the only reason I'm here to type this is because my Mom/Dad were here to call the Paramedics. Once they pass away my goose is cooked. I'm just not good enough to make sure it won't happen again and I don't have a significant other. I honestly have no idea how anyone with diabetes lives alone. The food thing is not a big deal to me because I eat what want anyway. The huge difference would be just to be able to walk around feeling well, I would finally be able to travel without anxiety and may even consider going back to school for something. Heck I may even consider asking someone out on a date. Who knows? The biggest thrill would be to be able to tell big pharma go F yourself.

I'll wake up on that day and cry and laugh and cry and laugh and...

:)))))) Thanks for a good laugh.

I tend to agree with Emily here. Honestly I wouldn't know what to do. I'd be like Buckey83 there.

I will run across the country with out packing any juice, gluco tabs or sugar and without reducing my insulin. I will also have sympathy for those who are not cured yet.

I know I'd worry a lot less, and also wouldn't be ticking off a checklist in my head to make sure I have all my supplies with me before leaving the house ...

that's funny cause it's so true. my pharmacist knows me by name, frickin in there like once a week, syringes, one vial, new vial, test strips, pens..

Same here. I've tried to coordinate my prescriptions so I could go in once a month to pick them up, but I never seem to run out of things at the same time, so I end up going once every week or two.

First I would throw away all my insulin and call all of my family and friends. Then I think I'd enjoy a nice drink without having to worry about the spikes and drops in blood sugar. Then as much as I hate to say this because it's so cliche I think I would have a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Oh then I would make sure to say a prayer and tell God how grateful I am :) Even if there's a 100% legit cure though I don't think I could ever throw away my bg meter. I would probably continue to keep checking my bg for a long time afterwards just to make sure I'm not dreaming :)