A sensitive topic

To those adults with the Omnipod in a romantic relationship…

How do you ensure that your pod doesn’t become disconnected during amorous activities? I’m dating someone for the first time with my pod (I’ve been podding for a year, so it’s about time!), and twice now, my pod has completely separated from the piece of tape, thus falling off and causing me to have to replace it. Do you just deactivate? Or use extra tape? Or maybe you’re just a little more careful/not quite as vigorous as me and you haven’t had this problem? :slight_smile:

Please let me know your thoughts…it’s certainly a mood killer!

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone…it’s just a serious concern of mine, and I thought someone here might have a good solution!

Where is you site that has been an issue?

I have lost my pod twice during these “activities”, but I am married and it is an easy thing to let my wife know and let her know where the pod is “located” before such activity. It can be a bit of a distraction, but, as long as we dont do anything REALLY otut there, it seems to be fine. (I almost always wear the pod on the back of my bicep…and, like I said, that has only been a problem twice). Like all accidents where the pod is knocked off (as I run into door jams, get out of my car, etc.) I just “deactivate” and put on a new one…glad to hear your are in a new (fun) relationship! PEACE

It happens. I just replace the pod as soon as possible afterwards. It doesn’t bother me (or my fiance). I don’t bother with extra tape or extra precaution. I just replace the pod if it comes off.

Some screams you may mneed to get used to: " Oh my God, did I knock it off?" “Does it hurt?” “Where is it?” All cries that may have been involved before, but now they mean something entirely different!

H yeah, then there is always “do you even have one right now?” Never a provblem before, but a frequent cry these days.

hahah, I know what you mean about those exclamations!
"not another one!"
or, more likely me going “OWWW!!!”

Honestly, I barely notice the pods at all. I rotate them from my arms, back, hips and thighs. I could see the pods being in the way during…certain activities…if you were to wear them on your stomach below/near your bellybutton. Not a personally comfortable spot for me, so I’m not sure, but some people do wear them there.
Where are you wearing them that they get knocked off?

I can imagine getting tangled up in the tubing of some other pumps, which would be a pain…literally! Of course I suppose some people might just disconnect a tubed pump for said activities. Again, I can’t speak to that personally since I’ve only ever worn the OmniPod.

The most noticeable the pod ever gets is when I’m feeling snuggly. If I’m wearing the pods on my arms, I’ll have to switch sides of the bed so I’m not laying on the pod! Not a big deal, really. My Boy is pretty attentive, so no matter if we are in the bedroom, on a hike, or playing on the lake, if he hears me say “POD!” he’ll stop what he’s doing and shift around make sure that everything is ok…

I am wearing mine on my stomach and always have. It’s where it’s comfortable for me and my body type, clothing, etc. – it just doesn’t work in these situations! He was pretty cute about it – “umm…I think your pod fell off, is that a problem? do I need to take you to the hospital? you know I worry about you!” It wasn’t really too awkward, we just…continued as we were and I made sure to deactivate and change it later!

The only problem I can forsee is that I could potentially lose a lot of insulin if they keep getting knocked off when they are fairly full. For instance, the last one still had about 120 units in it!

Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one whose had this happen to them!

You can always pull the insulin from the knocked off pod and put it into the new pod. Especially if it’s still quite full.

To that…you can try to take the insuling out of a pod (not a reccomded action per Insulet) by using a syringe and just taking out of the same place you inject it in…again, Insulet frowns on that,but many say it is very “doable”…I just cant seem to get the knack, my wife does it and she loves to do it for me! (This discussion jsut seems to be taking a VERY INTERESTING turn!) (We are still talking about the pod…right?) seriously, my wife has gotten used to withdrawign the insulin out of “bad” or “knocked off” pods…so we save money on insulin. I have noticed that on some occasioins, the insulin seems to lose its efficacy when we do this, so I try not to use this step.

“Ive looked all over you, and I dont see it!” " Herre it is …RIGHT HERE! Just TRY NOT TO TOUCH IT!"…" OH, well there is one I’ve never heard before!"

Well…this gives your partner a chance to shout out loud " am I HURTING you!!!" This may be the first time he ever said it and had a reason too! I tell my wife that all the time…as if she ever had to say " Does this hurt?" Ok , last comment on this discussion!

“No…you dont need to bring me to the hospital…just finish up what you were doiing there and then we can look for it…somewhere in the pillows!”

I will try that next time! It had never occurred to me to draw insulin out of a dislodged pod!

Steve…that was basically my sentiment, certainly no hospital needed at that moment in time!! :wink:

I guess that is going to be our cover up from now on…AKA " watching spongebob on the sofa" whenever a pod is kicked off or pused off or whatever! “I was watching spongebob whle laying on the sofa”…new one for whenever we call Insulet with "bad’ pod information…hopefully thieri reps read TU regualarly!

I remember one time, I screeched in pain, my partner exclaims “BUT I DIDN"T MEAN TO!!!” and my roommate comes barging into our room with her phone “DO I NEED TO CALL AN AMBULANCE?”

we all burst out laughing…after we covered up, that is!

I agree with Maia, “Honestly, I barely notice the pods at all. I rotate them from my arms, back, hips and thighs.” Although I use the stomach too, from time-to-time.

Never lost one except when getting too close to the door frame walking through the house, no pain just major surprise. But back to the basic question. We’ve been married almost 35 years and it has never been a problem (of course I’ve only been pumping using a pump for the last 5-6 years). I just say, “Here is where the pump is” before we start any “strenuous” activities.

I have to admit the Cozmore and Animas Pings were better for that since I would just pre-bolus for an hour or so and remove the tubing. This just leaves the little cannula “top” exposed, which is very small and a lot more unobtrusive.

I feel sorry for you “youngsters” out there in a new relationship. Saying, “watch out for that large bump” could be quite awkward.

If it did pop off during this time I would toss it aside and forget about it…I can always bring a high down later, but if the exercise is good enough I may not need any insulin.

Also, I read where someone else said something about reusing the insulin from one pod to the other. I did it all the time with my two previous pumps and have started now with the Omnipod. If it says I have more than 10-15 units in it at the end of the 3rd day, I draw the old insulin out and put it in the new pod. However, I do have one limiting factor - it must have come from the same bottle of insulin. I don’t really believe that would matter either but I have to have some rules.

I use the SkinTac. Before I used it I had a lot of pod occlusions, fall offs and errors. The SkinTac works wonders, even after a hot shower. It’s just an antiseptic wipe but it acts like an extra barrier between the pod and your skin. It is extremely tacky.

My rep told me to only withdraw the insulin if it was less than 24 hours.