Have you ever left your blood glucose check machine at home

Just about every drugstore in my neck of the woods (Vancouver in Canada) has at any given time some promotions going that include a free meter. Some require that you buy a month’s supply of strips to get the free meter, some just ask that you fill out a registration card. I have used that a couple of times when I have misplaced my meter and never had a problem with it. You will rarely have to look more than a few blocks for a drugstore.

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I like the tips to go to a fire station or first aid station where available. I would not have thought of that. But…I agree I could no more leave my “bag” of stuff behind than my pants (or my phone). Plus a back up set of everything at work anyway.

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I just ordered a second meter in case I don’t have it with me. Mine would be in my backpack,carry it a lot. Nancy

I agree with you. I often just leave the manual blood testing meter at home for the day. I have even entered ‘faux’ readings when it insists on a reading, just so that I can see up and down trends. I always feel my lows, but don’t always feel my highs, so this way of NOT having to be tied to the manual blood testing all the time works for me. . . .