Have you noticed the changes? A Sidebar

Our platform developers have been busy adding new features, the most noticeable is the addition of a new sidebar. These are some changes I have noticed.

  1. Most of the functions of the Pancake menu have been moved to the new Sidebar.

  2. The Category section is customizable. Some items in the Category section are preloaded default items that can’t be removed. Any member can add their favorite categories to their sidebar view, any member can remove the customizations they have made.

  3. Notifications and Profile Icons remain in the Avatar menu. Just click your Avatar to see these items and more.

  4. Your private messages can now be accessed from the Sidebar.

  5. For mobile users the Sidebar is hidden. It can be revealed by clicking the new pancake symbol located in the upper left of the page, above the grey line.
    New pancake


Woo woo !!!

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I’m not sure what DIscord has done but I can no longer post from my iPhone as I get the message “Unfortunately, your browser is unsupported. Please switch to a supported browser to view rich content, login and reply”

The thing is, I’ve downloaded & updated all 3 of the browsers I use (Chrome, Safari and Firefox) - none of them work :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Any suggestions?

@Jimi63 I am sorry that you are having problems. I will let the IT folks know that you are having trouble.

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Are you still having this problem from your phone. I was just able to post to a conversation from my phone via Safari and the most recent iOS update.