Platform differences

I am trying but.
Ok I tried to categorize this, but sent back to topics.
Would some one please just put it it the right place. )
Because I could not understand I put my I phone and iPad and windows based laptop on my desk. Opened the site on each,. Lots of minor variations. But enough to confuse a poster. Just trying to say we all don’t see the same thing. Example windows see a black header above the site, iPad no
But info is there but just a differnt place.
Ok keep working at it.
I really have no idea how complex this transition is. Oh pooh. Or something like that.

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This is good feedback, Fraser. We do have slight variations between platforms, in order to accommodate the differences in screen sizes. The biggest leap is when you go down to Smartphone from Tablet, but even there’s differences (mainly with the header) between the Desktop and Tablet versions.

Copying @mrmikelawson, in case he wants to chime in…

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I am finding that the new site seems to be problematical on a PC using IE9 as the browser. Works better with Chrome. With IE9 I cannot see a lot of the headers (e.g. information about whether I am logged in, links to change password etc).

I find one quirk in Chrome is that I cannot adjust the size of the typing box in chat, where I can in Firefox.

@jim335: Pasting from the Discourse web site:

What are the minimum browser requirements?
Discourse is a JavaScript application designed for the next 10 years of the Internet, so the minimum web browser requirements are high:

Internet Explorer 10+
Google Chrome 24+
Firefox 14+
Safari 5.1+

We do officially support Internet Explorer 9, but some functionality will be unavoidably broken.

I would strongly recommend updating your browser here:

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I’ve noticed that when I use “reply” on my iPad (OS 8.3; Safari), the display is no longer anchored on the screen. Anybody else??

Yes when I have been logged in as desk top. You might try mobile mode and see if it works better.