Request for support

This is for Debb Lahnen and her sister Karen. Their Mother is in hospice and is really stuggling. She is in congestive heart failure, kidney failure, has Parkinsons’s and may have pneumonia on top of the cancer. Debb and her daughter are going to be leaving for New hampshire on Wednesday morning. She has just gone into the hospice and I guess her time is really limited. Debb says she will have access to a computer while they are there so she will be able to check back in with us and maybe give us updates. Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family Debb and Karen.

I’m so sorry.I send my love and prayers.I hope you have strong family to help carry you threw this time in your life.I will be with you in spirit and prayers.

My thoughts and prayers are with Debb and her family. Try to stay strong!!!

Definitely lifting up this family in prayer.

Debb dear,

My heart is with you for the strength you need. As a wise friend told me, the best you can wish for someone is what is for their highest good. Wishing for your whole family what is in everyone’s highest good. Sending lots of hugs your way.

My prayers are for your family my dear friend.

In the short time I’ve been on this board, I’ve often been touched by your wisdom, strength and beautiful heart. I know they will be a great blessing to you now as they have been to so many of us here, and to your family as well. So glad you’re able to spend this time with your loved ones, and am sending prayers for peace your way. – Tina (aka sweetpotater)

Hi Debb:

I’m so sorry that your Mom, you, Karen and your Family are going through this Very Sad experience. This is the hardest time. I pray for her, you, Karen and the rest of your Family… I have lit a candle just for her. God Bless her and give you all warm strength to get through this. I truly feel for you.


*Thank you Saundra.

There may be sadness, and emptiness – but there may also be peace once you know suffering has ceased. In my experience, people choose to move on, and it is an act of great personal power. You can, in your mind, walk her up to the pearly gates, the rainbow bridge, the veil to the summerland… whatever image you are familiar with, or which comes to you, and let her go. I think she will know the way – but she will also want to say goodbye in some way – at least, the mind’s sigh.

My heart and prayers are with you as you make this sad drive. Please be careful driving and know that we all love you and are with you. Big hugs for you.

Debb your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Debb. Take care.

My thoughts go out to the family and I hope they can spend as much quality time as possible together. Hospice is such a wonderful service.

Debb, I’m very sorry to hear about your mom. I pray for love to be surrounding you all.

Deb and her daughter and grandkids made it out to N.H. at 10 pm last night. As of this time it mom is hanging on until my brother can arrive out there. Thank everyone for their love and support.

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for this update. How are you doing? We are all still here, loving you and sending our prayers. Big loving hugs to you too.

Debb…please know we are thinking of you. I’m sure your mother feels blessed and proud to have such a wonderful daughter.

Up date-
Our mother passed over the rainbow bridge to the other side today at 8:15 am. She will be sorely missed but the alternative is soo much better for her, and lets face it that is what counts, her being happy and pain free after all these years with no quality of life. I love her dearly and she will be missed terribly by me and our family. We can not be selfish and wish to keep her tied to a useless body that gives nothing but pain at this point. I wish for her to be free to laugh and play all day again. She has many that have gone before her to keep her company, including some of her precious animals.
I want to thank everyone who have kept me and our family in their prayers and thoughts during this hard time. Please say a prayer to wish her a speedy journey to a happier place. thank you , karen

It sounds like she passed peacefully and wilfully to that Better Place, the next stage on the Eternal Journey. Celebrate her life, mourn her passing, cherish her memory. With you and yours on this side to see her off, and those who have gone before to receive her, she has been, and will be, in good hands.

She did as far as I know the nurse who was sitting with her said she went very quietly, which i would expect of my mom as she was always one with dignity. I was not there to see her off but I felt her passing at the exact time the nurse said she went. Yes, she has many loved ones to recieve her and lead her into the sunshine and show her how to laugh,love and play again. To be pain free for her must surely be a blessing in itself. I am said for us but it would selfish on our part to wish her to stay in a painfilled, disease riddled, useless body when she can sore with the eagles once again. I wish that for her especially. for her to be happy,