Heading for the Depths of Despair


Christmas for us was lousy apart from seeing the family everything else well we could have cried over the space of 7 days we had two water pipes burst which flooded the lower part of the living area toilet/lavatory and hallway it has been nearly 7 weeks and still Legal and General have not sorted it out the last we heard from them was they were not going to pay for the hallway and stairs because it was not really damaged let me tell there CEO having 30 people over 7 days strumming up and down the stairs with wet shoes to use the only toilet available make the carpet look like a herd of sheep had gone up and down coming in from a soggy field the carpet was removed as my feet got so wet and I ran out of slippers.

Anyway no good going on about poor service from one of the leading Insurers about they have the muscle we have no heating carpets and are really down in the dumps,the whole lower floor was flooded not once but twice over that period we could not do Christmas or New Years dinner for the family at 64 years old you do not want this kind of hassle but hassle we had,it was so cold i had a bout of gout for 9 days and was ridden all the time

We returned for visiting our daughter last night about 8.15 pm and found water pouring through the kitchen ceiling the toilet innards had broken and even with the overflow it could not keep it from flooding the toilet and upstairs landing here is a short prayer because I have obviously offended someone upstairs,I beg of you to have pity on these old bones let me get warm share time with my Angel and not have to worry about floods leaks carpets curtains and all those sort of things,even the anti depression pills are not coping so please what ever I have done I am SORRY,I would make amends if I knew what I had done if I could make amends/ the plumber just phoned he will be 20 minutes or so let us hope he can fix it,back o my prayer Mom if it is you making all this trouble for me sorry about going on about you but you did make my life a misery having said that I still love you to bits hope you and Bill have found each other in Heaven and you have found Happiness again.

I am too old to be sitting here in the cold churning out my woes I want to enjoy what life I have left with my Angel kids and grand children,my blood sugar this morning was 8.8 below 7 yesterday it is the worry and stress that creeps up on you and messes with your mind body and sou,sorry about spelling mistakes my eyes are a bit blurry,time for another anti depression pill happy times her I come,not said my prayers this week been so self engrossed you forget the important things sometimes.

Dear Lord A sinner I am self centered at times not one of your good sheep,I worry about material things none of which I can carry with me to meet my maker,you know all my faults even better than me,if I could find the Path I would take it and make you proud of me,but until then Dear lord take me under your wing and shield me with your love and understanding Amen

Hi Twiddlemthumbs. What rotten luck. However you are NOT the cause of bad luck–sounds as if disintegrating plumbing is at fault. I wish you GOOD luck in getting your house warm and dry again. Here’s an original thought: This too will pass. Then spring, then summer… Trudy