Up the creek without a Paddle

You know things are really sent to test us sometimes and like an elastic band stretched too far we can brake just when you give yourself a pat on the back for getting the house ready for Christmas Day well my Angel deserves the pat on the back I have been very ill again and not managed to get out of bed much over the past 2 weeks, the one occassion I felt much better we go and visit our son come home to find ac waterfall like Niagra pouring through our hallway ceiling the hallway toilet and living room floors submerged in a couple of inches of water,ok lots of people get burst pipes and deal with it ok,we phoned our home emergency hotline and told them of the situation be there within 4 hours we were told 23 hours later still no sign of them so we got the burst pipe done ourselves,there is no ceiling in the hallway,the light blew up the walls were filled with water and if we had a dingy we could have paddled to the stairs,the emergency home cover is with a leading insurance company so is our home contents insurance so not sure what sort of service we are going to get from them,we sit here with no carpets in the hallway toilet and living room,and had to endure 3 days of no heating hot water or cold water apart from the lake forming in our living room,streesful you could say that and through it all I had to take my medication injections and put a smile on my face when family came to visit,if that was not enough a week later we had a second burst pipe when the thaw set in so once again we came downstairs at 7am to find a big leak in the toilet downstairs and more damage done I broke the toilet basin trying to remove the wooden cover from the pipes running along the wall and floor,this time the Angels home emergency plumber arrived 10 hours later and sorted the burst pipe,again we had no heating hot water or cold water all day long, we must put an emergency plan into action for occassions like this,my laptop was dropped as we came in the door on the first occassion got a bit wet so not going to try it,4 of our coats ended up soaked through hanging in the hallway,carpets rugs patience and stamina were tested to the fore,it is another day and this Christmas to be honest has been one from Hell itself, nothing to what others have had to ut up with with Christmas, but I still ask the question why us all we want is a quiet and peaceful life what we have left of it,have to go now time for tea and insulin…Happy New Year FOLKS