Diabetes Unconference

Diabetes Unconference 2016!

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to attend last year, registration is opening on May 1 and will be held in Las Vegas a the Flamingo again March 10-13, 2016. The Unconference was a chance for those of us with diabetes to get together and just talk, commiserate and join with others in a social setting face to face. @Christel, who leads this whole effort has a great summary post of what everyone has said about the conference.

For alumni you can register now, just go to the private facebook group from Unconference and follow the instructions. But tomorrow everyone can register, just follow the link to Diabetes Unconference.

If you register, comment on this post and we will keep a running roll of who is going.

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Oh, and I have already registered. So I will be there.

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The 2016 Unconference will be in Vegas?

I saw @HeatherGabel asking if people on FB if they would attend if it were held in Atlantic City. Planning for 2017 already, I presume.

There is a plan for a fall 2016 Unconference in Atlantic City. That way all the east coasters have less travel. None of that helps you of course.

Yeah, it’s a minimum travel time of 5 hours on a plane for me. Oh, the horror! :wink:

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What kind of spacecraft do you have that can get you to Atlantic city in 5 hours.

I just registered for the unConference!

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I signed up for Vegas so far. I will have to see if I can do both as it was a really enjoyable time!

Ill happily be there

@acidrock23 - I enjoyed the experience in Vegas so much, I might consider going to Atlantic City as well! I would miss seeing the East Coast contingent if the conference is geographically split. On the plus side, having two conferences each year would help with the number of attendees growing to an unwieldy size.

I’m registered for the Vegas 2016 event.

I’m in for Vegas, I am relatively spoiled and can probably get away to Atlantic City too. I’d hope to see everyone again but don’t know how the east coast/ west coast split will work out @Terry4. I think Atlantic City will be neat too. I like visiting new places and the experience of the whole thing was really fantastic. Despite feeling sort of like I may have been a loudmouth, I don’t ask for help with things ever but I found everyone’s shared stories to be really uplifting and a great experience.

Ha ha ha. It’s a minimum of 5 hours just getting to the Mainland.

Our friend Johann came from Germany and seemed to enjoy himself pretty well @Corinna!

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I’m in!

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I’m looking at maybe getting a suite at the Wyndham Grand Desert a short walk from the Flamingo. The unit has three bedrooms and two baths and is about 1500 sq ft. Would anyone be interested in sharing accommodations?

What does a place like that go for @Brian_BSC? The hotel room rates weren’t too odious but that place looks pretty posh. Then again, I’m probably an awful roommate, boozing it up all night, waking up at the crack of dawn to go running…

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This is a timeshare so this isn’t like a hotel nightly rate. Whatever we come up with will be less than a hotel. As you can see there are three bedrooms. I sleep soundly and I bet I rise even before you.

Yes, I would love to do that!

OK, I pulled the trigger. I ended up just getting a Three Bedroom deluxe. The unit has 2 King beds, 2 Queen beds and a Sleep Sofa. It has a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a dining room (seats 8) and a living room with big screen TV. The resort has 3 outdoor pools and 4 hot tubs. There is resort wide Wifi, but not clear about whether it is free. Check in is after 4pm on 3/10/16 and checkout is before 10am on 3/13/16. There is free parking and they provide the same sorts of concierge services found at high end hotels. They don’t have a restaurant, just a deli/cafe and they have a bar/lounge.

The resort is a little over a mile from the Flamingo meeting rooms. There is free parking at the resort and there is free parking at the Flamingo, but in my view it takes only 20-25 minutes to walk, about the time required to drive and park anyway. There is a free shuttle that leaves every 20-30 minutes that takes you up to Harrah’s just north of the Flamingo. It is the next block up from the Linq for those that were there last year. It is about a ten minute walk from Harrah’s to the Flamingo meeting rooms. I actually like to walk and the walk also takes you by the Ellis Island Casino and Brewery which has cheap breakfast and beer.

If anyone has an interest, send me a personal Msg. The cost will be less than the Flamingo (which ends up about $100/night).

Great, Brian. I sent you a private message. I’m looking forward to it and it’s almost a year away.