Health Related New Years Resolutions 2009

Since the new year is around the corner I think everyone should announce their “health related” resolution for 2009 right here on this thread.

MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Drink 8 glasses of water every day. If you do not have a resolution yet join me with mine. Who’s in? We will close this discussion on Dec 31st 2008.

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I will walk 20 minutes daily !!!

I will stress out less, and try my best to go to bed before 11 pm.
Also, the always present new years resolution: exercise regularly. :wink:

My New Years intentions for diabetes are the same as last year. Being healthy in mind and body.

Resolution: "the act of determining"
Intention: “a determination to act in a certain way”

I’m with you Andrew on drinking the 8 glasses of water everyday. I actually started that last year and before I knew it I had stopped doing it. Second is to use SugarStats everyday. It really helps me to see my sugars on a graph and compare them to what I was eating at the time. Last but not least is to blog more often (at least twice a week).

Andrea B.

Eat less.

I will stop stressing, because god knows i’m beating myself out with the strict control i have over this disease in good food and excercise… but the stress is a killer, i think i may have to do more yoga haha

I intend to stress more, eat more, have less control and generally feel lousy all year.

Ha, so far, I am right on scheudle. Man I am so good. My resolution is almost cinched.


Mine is to not drink diet soda and to drink more water.

My plan is to lose 60lbs this year - I lost 28lbs in the last 6 months of last year, so I reckon it’s achievable!!! Fingers crossed anyway!

exercise just ONE half hour each day… in order to require less insulin and have lower bloodsigars

Starting WII fit with my 11 year old who has Type 1 diabetes. He has a problem with his weight ALTHOUGH he did not always. Hoping to lose at least 25 lbs. myself and help him lose a few too. :slight_smile:

Lower My A1C To 7.1 And Loose Some Weight! =)

loose 5-8 lbs, consistently go to the gym on mondays and wednesday nights, cook more and eat out less, talk seriously about getting a pump as soon as it makes sense (still honeymooning, but getting worse).

A1C < 6 (non-diabetic range) all year.

1st test is in early March and I think I’m on track.

Otherwise, I just want to be really, incredibly, ridiculously, extremely, shockingly skinny by Spring (or at least before Summer!). :slight_smile: