Hello - Community Helping Community?

Hi All -

I’m lucky enough to be a part of the Online community of people with diabetes known as the D-OC. I blog at Curious Girl and I’ve made so many great friends on Tudiabetes and elsewhere…

I’m also a member of the Boston/Providence Music Community. My boyfriend has played in a number of bands over the years and I’ve watched the Music community rally around me (in support of several of my favorite diabetes non-profits) and others… My friend Shelley has been a big part of making a difference in that community… Some of you might recognize her from the Dropkick Murphy’s “The Ones That You Love Video”…

She asked for my help recently - and I’m happy to oblige… So, I’m asking for the Diabetes Community’s Help. Shelley is in-line to be Miss December for Kitten Koffin Zombies. If you go here: you’ll reach the contest page. I’d be SO appreciative if you would take a minute and vote for Shells Bells in this contest. She’s not only gorgeous on the outside - she’s a totally stand up girl!

It only takes a minute to register - just enter your email address and a password, they send you an email - you go back and vote! And I promise you they will not spam you or share your email address with anyone…

Thank you to all of those who’ve voted!!! With your help, we’ve managed to narrow the lead that the top girl had over Shelley by almost 80 votes!!! She just took the lead!!! AWESOME!

You guys rock!

Hey again! Shelley is still looking for votes… She’s in second place again. Contest goes for another 11 days - and anyone can vote once every 24 hours!!!

We are going to work on putting together a benefit rock show for the Hands Foundation if Shelley can win this thing - featuring her calendar and lots of Boston’s best local bands…

Vote if you can!

Thanks again - Nicole

Requesting again - votes for Shells Bells!

She’s behind by a bit today - and it would be great to see her take back the lead.

So, if you haven’t voted yet - please do! And if you’ve voted (thank you!) and it’s been 24 hours - please vote again!!!


Keep on voting, fellow tudiabetes-ites… ??? Is that the right term?

Shelley’s in the lead - and hopefully not looking back!

Thanks so much. :slight_smile:


I’d love it if you could vote again.

Shelley’s lead has held - but just by a hair… Help a pretty girl out!

Thanks so much. :slight_smile:


Only a few more days… My friend Shelley is now behind… What a rollercoaster!!!

If you get a chance, please head on over and vote.

If you’ve voted and it’s been twenty four hours, it’d be great if you can vote again…

Thanks so much!


Thanks to everyone who’s voted so far!!! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t and you could - that’d be great.

If it’s been twenty four hours - go on, vote again!


I will be forever grateful!!! :slight_smile:

Hey again!

I’m not too proud to beg… So - if you want to help out a girl that’s helped out the d-community on more than one occasion. Please - head on over to here:


and vote for Shells Bells… :slight_smile:

Ok - this is the final request for this one!

Today is the final day of voting. Please repost this anywhere you can think of - and please, pretty please - go on and cast a vote for Shells Bells!


Thanks again if you’ve already voted!!!

All My Best - Nicole

Maybe not the final request… Just 5 hours 15 minutes left… So - I’m calling out to everyone. Please, pretty please go cast a vote for Shells Bells. I would really love to see this happen for her.


Thanks again if you’ve already voted!!!

All My Best - Nicole