Who Is Your Favorite TuDiabetes Member?

OK. I would do this in the form of a poll, but we couldn’t all reply nominating someone.

This is going to be the first contest of the year:
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE TUDIABETES MEMBER? (and why do you like this person so much, what has s/he done that makes him/her so special)

The top 3 members chosen will each receive a DVD from David Hite’s “Take Control of Your Diabetes” DVD (which he is gracefully donating), plus the winner will receive a surprise gift too. :slight_smile:

Polls open now and will stay open until Monday, Feb. 5. So cast your vote!

Manny, do you count as a member? :slight_smile:

LOL!!! Thanks for asking.

No: I don’t. I am the Founder of TuDiabetes.

You are too funny. :smiley:

Well that’s why I asked! :slight_smile: You are the founder, you are the person that created this fantastic place for all of us to share our information, problems, joys, sadness etc. I’m sure no one in this community would have any problem in voting for you as their favorite person! But if we really can’t…
I’m pretty new here so don’t know that many people yet but it’s still pretty hard to pick just one person. When I first arrived on TuDiabetes I got the warmest welcome that made me feel really at home from “JEFF” so I think I will nominate him for the warmth and cordiality he showed me and continues to show to many newbies.

Ok i dont really know many people on here, so i will chooses rebecca, she has been very welcoming to me. x

Doris Ann Dickerson. Cause she always welcomes new people and if very friendly.

Wow, that’s a tough one. Naturally, you are the first one to come to mind. Since you’re the founder, I guess it boils down to Allie Beatty or Marston A. Hmmmm… Okay, I pick Allie. She’s simply the most dedicated, hardest working, greatest contributor to the cause, and most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met when it comes to type one diabetes. She’s a great human being as well.

My favourite is Robert61369 - http://www.tudiabetes.com/xn/detail/u_Robert61369


He’s so open, he’s had it tough and keeps on going, He’s a nice guy, I worry about him if he doesn’t post for awhile… he makes Tu Diabetes a better place because he’s a member of it.

hi manny, I am new to this site I don’t know the members enough to do this. hey, I do not even know who is David Hite. sorry I do not mean to be mean… I just join a couple of days ago.

If it can’t be you, can I test the rules by nominating 2?
Doris Ann for her warm welcomes and cheerful responses and Jenny for her willingness to share her research and vast knowledge.
Oh! One more…The member who came up with CRAP, Catastrophic Random Attack on the Pancreas, as the new name for T1!..Duisbergbunny, I believe.

Allie for productivity…and Marston for heart!

I vote for Jenny. Her posts are always well researched, knowledgable and thoughtful. Her web site contains invaluable information for the newly diagnosed and more experienced folks alike. She always gives me something to think about and her comments have helped me gain control of my diabetes. Go, Jenny!

You said it better than I did…

Loren, thank you very much. That was very sweet and thoughtful. I am just a people person and I may not know much about this horrible disease that we all are dealing with BUT I do know how to offer a hand of support and be there for the others that need encouragement. They say sometimes that hugs and support goes longer than any science can give. I also follow what the good book has said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

I second Robert.

I vote for Doris Ann Dickerson. She is always so nice and lending support. Jenny wonderful also. Can we vote for 2? oh well, guess i just did. Thanks!!!

Oh wait, Karen is also wonderful! Dang it! Too many wonderful people on here to just pick one

I agree, all are #1 here

Anything goes! :slight_smile:

okay, Ruby you funny girl. Anyway, I don’t know what to say… I started my search for quorn today and I came up with nada. nothing. I walked out of Earthfare with an empty cart. I’ll try the Whole Foods grocer next time I’m in Greenville, SC. You really have my tastebuds excited!