Hello friends

is there or are there anyone else out there that has multiple issue’s?

heart, alzhimers etc?

is all of this related or what?


Well my endocrine system hates me T-1 and hypothyroidism and yes related

Those with diabetes have an increased risk of heart disease for sure. I have read statistics that indicate that someone with Type 2 is at lesat twice as likely to develop heart disease over someone that does not have it. There is also research indicating a link between Type 2 and Alzheimer’s – see http://diabetes.webmd.com/news/20100825/type-2-diabetes-may-have-link-to-alzheimers . For Type 1 there is a definite link to all things endocrine related – and, in particular, those who get Type 1 as adults (AKA LADA - T1.5), a real link toward thyrhoid disease. For me the autoimune break down that brought on T1 also brought Hashimotos disease, a D absorbtion problem, and a host of other autoimune breakdowns.