Hello from cloudy Sonora CA!

I’m John. I am new to this forum and fairly new to diabetes care. I was diagnosed in 2014 but didn’t take it seriously until about a month or two ago. I’m 51, type 2 and take metformin and glipizide for it. I am working on dietary changes as well and doing more walking. I look forward to learning more here!


Hi @JBDieselLife, welcome! This forum is a great place for ideas and information to help tailor your diabetes care.

Welcome you will see that T2’s vary in the ways they control their diabetes, no rational program is the only one. I was diagnose 10 years ago, way out of control but have been able to control my T2 with diet and exercise only, eating LCHF and exercising as much as I can. Although in the last two weeks in San Francisco the smoke and polution have been so bad, exercise has been postponed.

I lived on the SF Peninsula for 30 years and just moved a few years ago. I’ve been there when there’s been smoke but never like this. I’m sorry people have to endure such bad air. San Francisco and the Bay Area always seemed to benefit from the clean air coming off of the northern Pacific ocean.


Thanks for the replies! I was raised in the east bay, Fremont to be specific. I was down in the Central Valley Friday and the smoke was pretty nasty down there. Not too bad up here, though.

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Greetings from the north (western :canada:).

I don’t think there are a lot of us (T2 or T2) who didn’t take our conditions less seriously than what the majority of us do today.

Loads of great people here - welcome and enjoy!

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