Hello :) Trying for our first!

Hey everyone!
I just joined this site and this group :slight_smile: I am a type 1, I was diagnosed 3 years ago when I was 18, I recently got on the minimed paradigm insulin pump and my husband and I are trying for our first baby :slight_smile: i was hoping to get some tips or advice on getting pregnant and maybe some things that have worked for people, we are hoping for a girl but we really just want a healthy baby in general. Iโ€™m a little scared but my numbers are good and I feel like I can do this :slight_smile:
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Mariah :slight_smile:

Hey Mariah Iโ€™m currently 24 weeks pregnant with a girl!! my advice to you is to relax and try not to put too much thought in it, it will happen. youโ€™ll concieve when you least expect itโ€ฆ GOOD LUCK!!!