Just introducing myself :)

Hi ladies,

I recently joined this wonderful group and decided to jump in and introduce myself! I have been T1 for 14 years and just found out that I am expecting a baby! It’s our first, so I definitely have a lot to learn from the community about how to be pregnant AND type 1. I am currently 5 1/2 weeks along, so very early. Trying to stay positive and not have a nervous breakdown every time my BG spikes. I have my first post-conception endo appointment next week and my OB appointment 2 weeks after that. Hopefully they’ll be giving lots of guidance!

Anyway, just thought I would say hello!

Good luck! I am TTC and hope to join you soon…

Welcome Lauren! You are in good company here :slight_smile: I have gotten a lot of great support and advice from this group. I’m 35 weeks along with our first child (a boy)! Wishing you a day of good blood sugars!