My name is sharon. I live in the West Coast and have had type 2 diabetes for 12 yrs now.
I work in a call ctr(just switched jobs) and am attending college online for my associates degree. I have 9 grandchildren and 2 step daughters and one biological daughter

Welcome to TuD, Sharon! Congrats on your initiative to continue your education, regardless of age. Learning never grows old…

Welcome. I hope that you’ll find this site useful and pleasant.

Welcome Sharon, nice you keep so busy.

Thanks! Am sure will enjoy it here! And yes education never gets old…just out of practice for school

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Welcome, Sharon! Feel free to jump in on any discussion or ask questions or post. Lots of folks with decades of experience that can help you out - or just lend a sympathetic ear.
I went back to school for a Masters degree at 50 - I know how tough it can be to balance school, work and family!

Welcome to the group. I have type 2 also. You will get a lot of support and information. Nancy

Thanks!! It’s not impossible but tough at times. Combining it with a full time job is insane!! But managing time isn’t impossible. I got this! But with diabetes, taking care of yourself is just as important.