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Hi everyone! I’m Derriona and I am 21. I was diagnosed type one diabetic three years ago, but after a recent frightening scare of DKA I’ve had to make a major lifestyle change! I’m learning day by day and have been mostly successful with maintaining stable levels since I’ve left the hospital. I still have a ton of questions left unanswered and a sense of waryness due to the experience STILL :woman_facepalming: Hopefully my experience can help someone else and I can also get more understanding about my diabetes with the help of you all :blush:


Welcome Derronia @babyd1000. Lots of good Info and helpful people here.


Welcome @babyd1000. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
There are a lot of helpful and knowledgeable people on TuD.



Having questions is the reason I found this site over 10 years ago. And even when I don’t have questions, I find information here about things I didn’t even know to ask about, such as the latest products and experiences that others have.


Welcome to TuDiabetes, Derriona! Let me confirm that your instinct to seek out interaction with others with diabetes is a good one. The patient perspective exceeds the experience and knowledge of doctors and other medical professionals. It makes sense that since we all live with diabetes 8,760 hours every year gives as a different perspective. I have learned several life improving tactics from reading these pages.

Feel free to pose whatever questions you may have. Also realize that you may search the extensive database of topics by using the TuD search function shown as a magnifying glass icon.

While I have never experienced DKA, many here have, so your living through DKA and any lessons you’ve learned will be understood by this community.


Glad your here.



Hi, Derriona. Welcome to our group.

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Welcome, @babyd1000! Glad you found us!