Update On Me!

Hello All,

I’ve been doing ok but was having some health issues the past couple of months. I couldn’t get rid of this bad UTI that put me in the hospital 3 times. On my third hospital stay, a pulminary embolism (blood clot) was found on my lung during a CT Scan. I’m now on Coumodin (blood thinner) for at least 6 months to get rid of it. I have to get blood draws frequently to make sure my level is stable. During that time my diabetes was reaking havoc but I knew it was due to the bad infection.

My assistance dog, Omar, is doing great. We are enjoyng each others companionship and he is now on a 30 day wait with his training which means we will be left to work on our own for 30 days and at the end of that month wait our trainer will come back and video tape our progress on all the tasks we’ve been working on and then she will send in the paperwork so Omar can become certified and I will be his official owner and “mommy” forever. I’m sooo excited!!!

I hope everyone is doing good. Please keep in touch.

With Friendship and Love,

Those are great news, Lori, I am glad to hear you are back from the hospital and doing better.

And I as said before your dog is amazing. :slight_smile:

Hi Lori , one of my diabetes buddies in my community is talking about an " assistance dog " …let us know about your " Mommy " status …I wish you well and doggie happiness …

Bonjour Lori - glad to read that you are back at home - and you’ve become a “Mum”. Looking forward to your next update and keep on smiling :slight_smile:

Hello Lori:

Goodness Girl! That must have been a Big scare for you. Thankfully you have prevailed. I’m So Glad that you have Omar there to help you out. I’m sure that he loves you too. :smiley:

It’s been a year since you and Omar have been matched…How’s your “wee” doggie doing??