Help I have the flu

Hello…have had diabetes 1 just under a year…but 3 days ago, caught the flu…my bgl are normal and no fever yet…though the runny nose, coughing, shivering and difficulty with breath is not helping. Am taking advil cold & sinus which does only seem to work for just a couple of hours…but it is not getting better :frowning: anybody that could suggest any over the counter medication against cough or all above symptoms that does not have sugar or its derivatives in it. Thanks highly appreciate it

Sorry to hear that you are sick. I usually just use Advil cold and sinus, if I take any medication. There are also diabetic cough syrups, if you want to take one. I know that one brand is call “Diabetussin”. It is available at the pharmacy usually with all the other diabetes supplies.

It’s good that your blood sugars are normal!

Other things that I do when I’m sick:
(1) drink warm chicken broth (same effect as tea with honey)
(2) lots of warm tea (without honey)

Little confused - My physician and pharmacist said that decongestants raise blood sugar and I mustn’t take them. Has the advil cold & sinus raised your BG?

I’m going to second the tea. Keep mainlining black and white tea if possible. Black tea in particular has been shown to significantly boost the immune system, specifically the killer T cells.

If it is legal in your state, rolling a joint couldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

thx a lot guys…getting better slowely but surely…though my bgl is totally out of order tday