New Dexcom won't turn on

Hey all! I just got hooked up and trained on my Dexcom yesterday and now it won’t turn on… Not sure how it turned off to begin with… Any suggestions?

Was it actually on at one point? Can you charge the battery? Mine needed to be reset then worked like a charm. On the back is a small hole (next to Dexcom’s address) push the button in there with a paperclip. Should do the trick.

That seemed to work! Thanks!!!

OH, and yes it was working fine up until a bit ago and freaked out did like a reboot thing and then wouldn’t turn back on… It was odd… But that trick with paperclip worked! Thanks for the info!

Kayyle, I’d suggest just calling Dexcom and letting them know this happened so it’s documented. With any luck this will just be a one time thing for you but if not then you’ll want your problems documented so you can insist they replace it.

That happens to me frequently, when it happens I hold down the OK button until it restarts.

Good call… I had thought about that too… I guess I should.

After talking to Tech on other issues, I questioned them while I had them on the phone - I had turned off my receiver the other day, fully charged, as my sensor failed and I was not home. Later that evening, when I went to reconnect again, the receiver was flashing that it was almost out of power. Tech says that it is “common,” they are not really sure why (?), but they suggest not turning the receiver off when you use it.
Which makes me wonder in your case, if your Dex shut down secondary to static electricity (which is also common, and then you have to hit the button to tell it to turn on again), did your battery drain so low it could not turn back on and maybe you would have to plug it in and then hit on. Their design doesn’t allow it to charge when it is off too. Anyway, just a thought.

My experience seems to match others. One time I shut down the receiver because my sensor had died and I couldn’t get the receiver to restart without pluging it in like I was recharging it. Yesterday I had shut my receiver down for a few hours and I was able to get it to restart without plugging it in. “‘Curiouser and curiouser’ said Alice.”