Help on the One Touch Link

We just joined the community of medtronic and we are struggling with an information gap. All the equipment was delivered and little info on how to proceed.

Specifcally, we have the Carelink and the One Touch ultra link. It came with our pump and continuous monitor. The One Touch did not come with a cable. How does one obtain one and why doesn't it come with the kit?? Please help.

there is a link i think in the group “Free Stuff” that i used to get the one touch meter cable free.

I have been looking up the specific cable and there appears to be differences in the cables for the different OneTouch meters. I have not seen the UltraLINK named among the meters named for the kits I’ve looked at. Very annoying?? Any advice?? Did check free stuff and same problem there.

Are you looking to upload your information from you link meter to your carelink account on Medtronic site? If so then you want the little usb thing from the Medtronic website. It hooks to a Medtronic pump and reads your pump and will also take the readings that were sent from your meter to your pump. I have a link and an ultra smart. I emailed One Touch and told them that due to financial restraints of starting on the pump I couldn’t afford the cable for the Ultra Smart and they sent me one for free and I downloaded the software from their site.