Help us celebrate Banting's Birthday


MENLO PARK, CA – November 14th, 2018 – Global non-profit Beyond Type 1 is celebrating Sir Frederick Banting’s 127t​ h birthday with a digital birthday party for World Diabetes Day this Wednesday, November 14t​h​. A coalition of almost 50 organizations has banded together to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most contributions to an e-greeting card. Sign at ​​.

The number to beat is 65,402, set by Chevrolet, SAIC-GM (China) in Shanghai in 2017. Card contributions for this week’s World Record attempt will be Happy Birthday wishes to Frederick Banting, who is credited with discovering insulin - a life saving medication for millions of people with insulin-dependent diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2).

Prior to Banting and his partner’s discovery of insulin for therapeutic use, a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis was a death sentence. Since their groundbreaking 1921 discovery, millions of lives have been saved and continue to be saved every day thanks to Sir Frederick Banting and his team.

The digital birthday party and e-greeting card are hosted by Beyond Type 1 on​. “Party guests” and Banting fans will be able to sign his digital birthday card, enter to receive party favors, and read stories about the Nobel Prize winner. The community is also invited to make a $1 donation in honor of the sales price of the original patent, emphasizing Banting’s belief that insulin belonged to the world.

The World Record attempt for Banting’s Birthday will be shared by a robust list of nonprofit and corporate partners including 1MD, the American Association of Diabetes Educators, CarbDM, Children With Diabetes, Companion Medical, ConnecT1D, Children and Young People’s Diabetes Network Wales, Dexcom, Diabetes NSW, Diabetes NZ, Diabetes Queensland, Diabetes Research Connections, Diabetes Research Institute, Diabetes Sisters, Diabetes Strong, Diabetes Daily, Diabetic Supply UK, Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition, Dr. Comfort, Dr.’s Remedy, Genteel, Honey

Stinger, The Human Trial, Life For a Child, Livongo, Mannkind, MedAngel, Medtronic Diabetes, Myabetic, MySugr, No Small Voice, NPM, OneDrop, Rhone, Sonia Nabeta Foundation, SpiBelt, Sproutel, Sun Basket, T1D Exchange, Tandem Diabetes Care, Tidepool, Generation UCAN, and We Are Diabetes.

For more information on Sir Frederick Banting, on the celebration, and to help break the world record, visit ​​.

This campaign is infuriating. As usual, all of the talk is about Type 1, and Type 2s are turned into non-people.

For example, from , one of the main pages of that site: “Saved the lives of millions of people with Type 1 diabetes.” Look real hard for even a mention of Type 2 on that page.

I have Type 2 diabetes and inject insulin every day, sometimes 2 different kinds. That is probably why I’m still alive. But of course, I don’t count; my Type 2 isn’t a disease; it’s my own criminal act. (As a matter of fact, in my case, if it was my own criminal act, it’s one I committed when I was a few months old, or perhaps in utero. I even managed to get a doctor to admit this, after he checked the documents.)

Yet another glorious victory for Blame-the-Victim, Divide and Conquer.

Thanks so much for your feedback. I have forward it to the office. I completely understand your comments, and promise you that pretty soon there will be a nice surprise for the T2 community.

I am T2 on insulin also, totally insulin dependent using a pump. I see this campaign quite differently.

Bantings research was primarily aimed at saving people with Type 1 , I am extremely happy that it is also available to treat my T2.

I understand the anger and sometimes share it but it is aimed in the wrong direction. It is the medical community that creates the Blame-the-Victim mentality, not the people that wish to celebrate a great man. I also understand the What-About-Us mentality, we use insulin too but I am glad to take a back seat as long as my needs are met.


I signed it.