Help with Dexcom vs. Medtronic Enlite for 10y.o

I need some CGM advice for my 10 year old daughter. She currently has a Minimed and she is finally ready for a CGM. In terms of the Dexcom, we really like the apparent ease of calibration and the fact that we can have the DexCom monitor in our room at night. Carrying the Dexcom to her "specials" classes (art, PE, etc.) might be a challenge. Does anyone have their elementary age child on a Dexcom? Are there other things we should consider? The thought of lots of false alarms with the Enlite puts me over the edge.

I use the Dexcom G4 but don't have experience as a parent of a T1D. You might try looking through this TuD "Children with Diabetes" forum. It had a few G4 CGM posts.

There are also some active parents of T1Ds elsewhere in the diabetes online community. There's a Type 1 parents group called This page is the result of a search that I did on Dexcom G4. There are several hits on this list.

If I were the parent of a T1D, having the Medtronic alarm buried below blankets at night would be a deal-breaker for me. The Dex G4 range, however, is about 20 feet. Is your bedroom in that range? To be fair, I've had my Dex G4 well beyond that range and work OK. They only certify 20 feet.

Good luck. A CGM with a T1D child is a great tool.

Here's the link I meant to post to the Children with Diabetes forum.