Help with monitoring and tracking

How do you guys monitor your blood sugar levels? Can you recommend some blood sugar monitor and blood glucose levels chart similar to this one that I can use?

Hey, I use a OneTouch Verio Flex for my Blood Glucose monitor. I find it works very well. As for charting, I use a custom made chart that my wife set up for me through Excel (I have no clue how to use Excel). Sorry, I was unable to see the one you were referring to. The reason we built my chart is I found the ones that can be picked up at the pharmacy just don’t give enough room for retesting, per and post testing or details like if your sick. I hope this helps.

While I do put all my info into my Dexcom receiver and the pump keeps all my insulin doses and my meter keeps all my tests, and I can download all of them or send them to my doctor, I still keep a paper log. I use Smart Charts that I get from They are the size of a check book and they hold a month worth of results. I love them because there is room for testing , insulin doses, exercise, and food. Very handy when i’m reviewing Dexcom reports and want to know what food did what to my blood sugar or how the exercise that day worked or didn’t work.

I use a fancy little note book from the dollar store,it fits in my purse. Nancy

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As you can see, there are many different ways to log your blood glucose levels. The whole idea is to give you feedback on how you’re doing and if you might make some changes to make things better. It’s not nearly as important what system you choose as it is that you get started!

Paying attention to my blood sugar numbers and trends seamlessly draws me in and motivates me to do better. You don’t know where you are until you understand where you’ve been!

I also use a little notebook. I like to make notes, as well as record numbers!