It's Monday! Have you checked yet?

Good and Bright Morning to you all:)
It’s time for you to decide how you will weigh or measure in.
For me, I’m choosing to weigh in on Mondays.
My scales have good news for me! I’m down one half pound!
YiPPPPPEEE!!! Time to do a Scooby Doo Dance!
Turn up your body machine and let’s get movin!
Have great day and burn some poison outta that body!

My weight this morning: 227, that puts me at a loss of 41 pounds.

whoops I did for get to add that info … This morning I’m 181.5 pounds
Down a half pound from last Monday!:wink:

Thankyou Travis.:slight_smile: We’ll look forward to that steady drop and more energy!

I am down to 265… that’s from 272 two weeks ago, so I’m happy!!! :slight_smile: I didn’t even realize I was LOOSING coz I haven’t weighed in two weeks!!! I attended the diabetes education classes and changed a few of my eating habits… mainly cut down a bit on my carbs and woo-la! Look what happened!
Congratulations on both of your losses, Travis and Meadow!

Hey, Meadow! Thanks for inviting me.

I was 295 2 weeks ago. 290 on Monday on the same scale.

I went to the neurosurgeon on Tuesday to have my neck checked out (I had surgery done on it back in January), and weighed myself on his scale. It’s always amazing how different scales can give wildly different results. His scale tipped me at 300. But I was dressed, and I always weigh myself bare at home. (NO comments from the peanut gallery!)

To add some perspective, back in mid-May, I was at 320-325. But around that time, I had already started weaning myself away from soda with High Fructose Corn Syrup, and was making my own soda with cane sugar. The biggest difference was that with cane sugar, I would reach satiety after about 8-10 oz or so, and stop drinking it – beyond that point, it just started to get cloying. With the fructose-sweetened stuff, I could drink a half-gallon and still not be satisfied. Drinking that much cane sugar soda will make you violently ill. So by the time I was diagnosed in mid-June, I was down to 318 already. Then I switched to making my own diet soda with Splenda, or simply carbonating my own seltzer with no sweetening at all. I guess I’m weird…I drink club soda at restaurants now and like it.

I also have FAR more veggies than I used to, have cut my portions in half, cut out a lot of the sugary stuff (no more six-donut Sunday breakfasts…sigh), and started eating regularly – no skipped meals. And I now get a LOT of fiber. My post on popcorn on my blog addresses that.

We’ll see where I plateau, but so far, I’m still losing the pouch pretty quickly, and it can’t go fast enough to suit me. My knees and hips are already starting to thank me.

Thankyou for coming by Gwen!
I agree with you:) My knees have really been saying thankyou!LOL! My feet are telling me to lose a bit more though. Let’s keep going together:)

My weight this morning: 225, that puts me at a loss of 43 pounds.

How is everyone else doing?

I got on for the first time this morning after finishing up my birthday ice cream cake last night! I am at 183.6. The last time I was on a week or so ago I was over 185. So I am encouraged and ate my bran buds for the first time in a while this morning.
You guys are encouraging. Keep it up.

Congrads Travis! That is Awesome;)
Well, I’m in bumper mode. I’m doing the yo-yo thing again. I guess. that surprise last week and now I’ve actually gained:( I"m back to 184.5 that’s up 3 pound in a week.ugh.

I’m the same as last week… 265! But better than a gain!!! Had a birthday this week for my son (age 17) and I ate CAKE! not good for weight OR sugars…
today is a new day, a new week, and a new chance to have a loss this week!
Let’s do it!!!

Hey Meadowlark,
Don’t get too discouraged. Stress adds so much to one’s life. Get through one day at a time and don’t worry about the weight thing so much right now. From what you have said, your sugars have been good. This is a new week!

Thankyou Angela:)
What is “funny” about this is that today I stepped on the scales at my daughter’s request. I weighed 182! and yesterday was up so high?
You’re right according to Sugar Stats my 7 day avg is 133:) For me, that is something to brag about:)
I’ll keep on keeping on:)

224 pounds this morning, lost 44 pounds so far. What about every one else?

Hey Travis;) Awesome!
Well, I got back to my first “snoopy dance” :slight_smile: I was 181.5 this morning.
My bloodsugar counts have been really great this week. I’m averaging at 133 for the past 7 days according to


I’m down two pounds this week putting me at 263! Readings have been like a roller coaster ride, though. I have a bad ear infection and am taking antibiotics plus ear drops. Anytime I have any little thing go wrong, it messes up my sugar… but I’m happy to loose weight~ :slight_smile:

Awesome Connie! I’m glad the weight is coming off. I’m sorry about the
earinfction. yuck. I agree, any sickness and my numbers go crazy too.

Going the wrong way, 226 pounds, net gain of 2 pounds, puts total loss at 42 pounds. How did every one else do this past week. I hope no one gained more than me.

ACK!!! Travis… I’m worse than you… but then I have the “female thing” going on.
I’m guessing that I gained or lost within about 2 pounds.
I’ve been in to me today… I went to see a Dr for the first time in 3 years ( and not because I’m pregnant!LOL!!!) Just finally got the official big"D" tagged to me. As we all thought, I’m type2.