Hi Ho. Hi Ho! It's Off To HOME I Go!

Well, now that they took my foot and a portion of my leg, they are tossing me to the curb after less than 3 weeks post-surgery. Because of the lack of further Medicare or private coverage and the lack of real effort on the part of the hospital to find sub-acute care, I will have to go home to an apartment riddled with danger and no companionship! Even if the Visiting Nurse Assn. does come in their own good time, there will be quite a bit of time I have to spend alone. I'm scared silly and know I don't have the upper body strength needed to do transfers alone at all hours of the day and night let alone in my arthritic knee that's left to support my weight on transfers. And they know that too. I've told them time and time again but, it's all about that filthy lucre (spelling??)! Money, people, just money!!!

Pray for me and my safety, please! Any suggestions??


Dear Lois…,
Did you speak with the Social Worker at the Hospital?

When is this suppose to happen?

Yeah, I spoke and spoke to her! It’s the filthy money. Me no have money, me no have care.


I have no suggestions just prayers and please pm me so I can talk to you (if you want to) when you get back home. For me lots of times it just helps to hear another happy voice talking to me!


What is pm me mean?


Oh, Robyn. Sorry I didn’t clarify … it’s tomorrow … Monday … the 22nd! Too soon!


Private message me. Now you know what I mean?

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as always Lois. Love you

I don’t know what to say …Yes, you will continue to be in my mind and prayers Lois .

Dear Lois, can you tell me where you live? Even through a message in my inbox?

best wishes,


Hello my dear Lois.What about volunteer from your church,who can come,clean,cook and bath you.In England they do that,many people,students,house wives do that.I am sure you will find this,and hope our friends here in the community can look for that service and help.

Hey sweetie,

Wish I had a magic wand. How dreadful! Unbelievable that you’re expected to fend for yourself so soon. They’re soul less.

I’ll be happy to call around your area for some volunteer help, if you want me to. Worth a shot. Will need your home address & phone #, if you want to message it.

Like Tom’s idea about contacting the newspaper. I’d contact the local TV news also to tell the insurance story & ask for home help.

Sending prayers & hugs for strength of spirit & body.

Hello Lois =)
My prayers and good hopes reach out for you…
My grandmother sought assistance from the State to hire a part time caregiver (of her choice) for her…works 5 times a week…4 hours a day, basic pay. She lives in California though so Im not sure if the assistance have limitations as to the age, health circumstances, and location.

Yeah. Silly me! I figured it out when I was talking to my aide.



You’re so sweet to volunteer to make calls. But if I don’t know where to call, I don’t see how you could be expected to know where to call. Especially from a different state. To tell you the truth, I’ve been turned down for any sort of aid from various agencies because I was either too young or made $200 more than the limit!!



Are you aware that your message came through twice? Like a little hiccough in the system!!

I really am not the type to create so much hell over my situation. If I don’t know all the facts of how they worked (or didn’t) to find funding, I would be embarrassed and they might hate me! They haven’t said a word to me all day about discharge but I did get the paperwork to appeal discharge that Medicare allows. The second that they inform me of discharge to home, I’m going to appeal. And I think they know it too!

In the meantime, the Title XIX person faxed my application over to the state authorities for approval, but that can take up to a month.


Hi Lois,

From web search, I’d call churches, United Way, free clinics, health dept & information & referral groups asking for volunteer help, not paid services. There’s a vast network of free help, if you want to try this. I’ve been in non-profit management for many years. Years ago, I managed a 24-hour mental health crisis center. People called with situations that weren’t related to mental health because they didn’t know where else to turn for assistance when they hit brick walls. I had a huge Rolodex (days before this was computerized) of groups & individuals who’d help when the typical agencies wouldn’t or couldn’t. If you want to, search the not usual sources. I can’t think of the name now (of course!), but there’s a volunteer clearinghouse org that lists volunteer needs. You can list what you need & see if anyone replies. People donating their time are also listed.

You’re right that this may be hard for me to do long distance

Lois, I’d start working on that appeal right now… and not leave it till you get home. (Just me, though.) You can also, like someone else mentioned, look up volunteer organizations, like churches, or even try contacting United Way… A lot of these folks help out people in desperate need. I would call anyone… I would even call JDFR, for what it was worth. Pity I don’t live closer to you, and don’t have a car, or I would personally volunteer to help you, as I haven’t found a job yet… For now, I’m just stuck in Iowa. Still the midwest, just not close enough. :frowning:

Lois I really wasn’t being a smart a$$ but had a high bs that finally droped down today. Impacients always when I’m high! Sorry!!!