Hi...im new here

i look forward to meeting and chattin with new friends…have a great weekend!!!

Hi Tee. Welcome aboard.

Welcome Tee!!!

Hello Tee! Happy to see you here =)

Welcome aboard Tee!

Could be wrong, but it looks like you need a male to say Welcome Tee. ROFLOL

Welcome! Glad that you are here!

Hello Tee.Welcome.Hope to see more of you.


Good to have you join us. Explore, investigate and have fun. Also let me know if you need help,.

rick phillips

Welcome to the community, Tee!

thank you all for the warm welcomes…i look forward to keeping in touch… : )

thank you …well, my name is tee and i live with my two boys and mom on vancouver island, bc…I have had type 1 diabetes for over 20 years. Due to poorly controlled diabetes (from stress), I began to suffer with peripheral neuropathy 8 years ago. Over the years, it spread to autonomic neuropathy. I became severely ill in January 2007 when i was diagnosed with gastroparesis and bowel dysmotility. Since then, my diabetes has become even harder to manage. I am often on a liquid and soft food diet along with large amounts of laxatives, softeners and enemas every four days and pills for my stomach. Just recently I was told to start doing the enemas every day. I have my good days and bad days. I live life moment to moment and to the fullest. My boys are my inspiration!!!

Hi Tee,

Welcome! Wonderful community to share with. Great that you jumped right in & introduced yourself.

I have gastroparesis also. It’s such a gift on top of the gift of diabetes, isn’t it? Mine isn’t as bad, but still makes controlling BG near impossible. My endo says it can be healed through normal BG. Took all my self-control not to bop him over the head for that Catch-22 statement. I’ve tried liquid meals with no difference. It can still take 7+ hours to digest dinner & so I’m up all night waiting to correct highs from that meal.

thank you gerri…i sure hear you…thats all i hear too…normal sugars will make it so much better…well, it sure doesnt…id like to bop them all over the head…its totally a catch 22…whats good for the bowel is not good for gastroparesis…whats good for gastroparesis and bowel is not good for diabetes…so what in the world are you supposed to do…there is absolutely no difference in regular food to liquid and soft food for me…i still feel absolutely horrible and i dont sleep well at nights either…

It’s frustrating as can be! Yep, no high fiber because of gastroparesis & then eat fiber for bowel function. Eat small meals all day for gastroparesis, but don’t stack insulin & keep meals 4 hours apart. Don’t eat too much protein because it takes so long to digest, don’t eat too many carbs that will raise BG. I hear you! My doctor didn’t believe me when I told him liquid meals made no difference. I ate nothing but protein shakes & soup to no avail.