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I started my new t:slim 2 days ago, and boy is it different than minimed. I noticed a lot of people are switching, and I was just curious if you did, Why? I just needed a break from medtronic, and because of my insurance, I would just go back to the 723, (same pump I’ve been using for 5 years) I am just curious.

A buddy of mine (@Phyl!) arranged a meeting with the local TSlim rep and I agree it’s a neat product. I am so used to Medtronic (523 plus Enlites…) that I stuck with it. I don’t need a break from it, as long as it works and it has for me. I like the “gas pedal” sense I get out of scrolling up the carbs and BG numbers!

I also use the 723 and have not quite another year a quarter on my warranty. I don’t see myself reconsidering before that happens. When it is time to start looking around again in the first quarter of 2017, my current plan is to see what arrangements Dexcom has in place with other pump manufacturers at that time.

Currently, I also don’t see much point to changing from my 723 + Enlite CGM. Sure, some things might be better using the Dexcom, but, in my opinion, other things, not so much. So I don’t feel a net pull in another direction. But we’ll see what Dexcom has on the market in another year and maybe then I’ll change my mind. :pray:

I know a part of me would really like to have a reason to switch mostly because I find Medtronic’s apparent continued lack of innovation of their CGM system, well, stupid. It’s the type of corporate stupidity I expect from big companies who have their underwear wrapped around their heads, but it’s still stupidity. :angry:

I’d love to have an opportunity to give Medtronic as much of a “dope slap” as my my very small effect on their net revenue may have so long as it also fits with my perceived wants/needs. :grin: But right now while I think some of the features of the Tandem pumps are interesting, I don’t see anything which I also find compelling. Oh, well.

I would strongly consider getting the Omnipod demo kit they will send you for free. I never thought I would be one to wear a pod on my body, but the new smaller size is such a huge improvement. Trust me, at least see it in person. I loved my t:slim but the tubeless Omnipod is such a breath of fresh (untangled) air!

It really was that much of an improvement. Nothing in your pocket, nothing hanging off of you. Nothing gets caught.

-Anthony :slightly_smiling:

My daughter loves her OmniPod for the same reasons.

I suspect that they are rather hamstrung in the USA by the FDA. On this side of the pond, the 640G has been out for nearly a year now. The latest version of the Enlites, used in conjunction with the algorithms in the new pump are still not quite as accurate as the Dexcom G4 and they don’t seem to last as long, but the information that I have from the 640G pumpers that I know is that the new Smartguard low glucose prediction and suspend system really does work to prevent hypos and with a bit of tweaking also avoids the post-basal-suspension bounce that was a problem with the Veo.

I have talked to some of Medtronic’s senior UK reps. They are aware of some of the shortcomings of the Enlite compared to the Dexcom and are desperate to improve the situation. I suspect that they are also frustrated that they cannot marked the 640G in the US. If and when they can further tweak the performance of the Enlite to bring it up to the standard of the Dexcom G4 the Enlite/640G system (or more likely the 670G which is in the pipeline), will be far in advance of what any of the other manufacturers are currently offering.


while i fully agree with you on the basal suspend thing of the VEO, you might wanna read this discussion i started, because in my opinion medtronic is by far not as flawless as dexcom regarding sensors.
since i have switched to dexcom i have no struggles with my sensor anymore, while the medtronic ones were alarming on me constantly. i know my experience does not reflect on everyone, BUT it shows me that medtronic has a bigger way to go yet than dexcom.

My opinion on the 640G/Enlite is based on the experiences of a friend who has been using the system for about a year. She had all sorts of problems with the sensors at first, but has suggested that the latest batches are better. However, my experience of time spent together has been that she is still not always 100% confident of her sensor readings (unlike the Dexcom, which for me has been close to flawless - 2 bad sensors in 2 years).

There are also problems with pump failures on the 640G. Medtronic clearly has a way to go. My point is that in the long run, Medtronic are going to work as hard as they can to sort out the problems with the sensor reliability. If/when they do so, their system is going to be miles ahead of Animas or T-Slim where the pump just acts as a dumb receiver for the CGM.

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I like my “dumb receiver!” (Animas Vibe) :wink:

Seriously, though, while I’m not sure I’d like the pump suspend feature, the predictive aspect of the system appeals to me. I can see how that can help. While I do like the Vibe, I understand and share the concern over the slowness to innovate. With Animas, I will be more or less locked into a technology level that can’t and won’t change quickly - or at all. That said, as it is now, it works quite nicely for me, so I suppose, I have to “live in the present.”

I started on a T-Slim 11 days ago. It’s my first pump so I can’t make any comparisons. But I can say that I really like the interface and the technology behind it.

Took me three infusion sets to find the one that works for me (comfort short,) and that was created more of a learning curve than if the first one I tried worked well… but, when all is said and done, I am a happy camper:blush:

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so far i love my OmniPod. don’t think i will switch or anything. & this is my 2st day of my OmniPod.

I changed the infusion for the first time (by myself) boy did I make mistakes. It all worked just fine, but it was a first, and I am was so used to minimed… the mistakes are like do this first, than that, I did the second first. Hahaha

Had minimed until it died. Switched to Tslim G4 with Dexcom and I only have to carry 1 device as the CGM data displays on the pump via Bluetooth. The CGM is an eye opener with 288 glucose readings a day.

Did the Minimed get a proper burial service?
Mine left to live with another family.