I am the only one with type1 diabetes in my family. Yesterday morning and this morning I checked my 8 year old daughters fasting blood sugar and it was 108. Should I be worried? because I am.

Do NOT dwell in fear - it will suck you dry. Call your pediatrician and voice your concerns.

That seems like a perfectly good in range bs. What has u worried?

Yes I would say it's a perfect blood sugar for myself, but aren't non diabetics fasting suppose to be under 100?

Don't stress yourself out about it yet, and stress can affect get your bg. The doctor can easily run a few tests to determine what's up. It could have been some sugar on your daughters hands, or just a false reading - it's been known to happen!

Wishing you and your daughter the best.

I would not worry too much. Those meters can be off some points quite often, so those 8 points wouldnt worry me. we have checked non diabetics blood sugars which have been in the range of 9 (about 170 mgdl) and they are still alright.
keep calm, and if this happens more than just this one time, contact your pediatrician with your concerns.
good luck

What made you check ? Are there other symptoms ? Any medications, like steroids ?
Had you checked before with numbers lower ?

I suggest you check some post-meal BGs. If they are 'high' ( >150 ??), then probably worth a trip to the dr with your data and concerns. Maybe compare different meals with more/less carbs.

I checked because 2 times she has came to me feeling shaky and her blood sugar was low. Then 2 night ago she said she wasn't feeling well I made her wash her hands and check her blood sugar it was 140 that was 2 hours after a meal. That worried me so thats why I decided to check her fasting number yesterday and today. She did have a bowl of cereal this morning and milk and i checked 2 hours later and it was 107, so that is very reassuring.

Either way, you cant do anything but wait and see… Unfortunately, there is nothing to prevent T1 Diabetes, you can only prevent her from getting into DKA at dx. However, i think she is not very likely diabetic, and as mentioned above, i would not worry too much about those numbers, just yesterday i tested with my meter and was 11.7 (210), tested again and was 8.5 (150). These meters can be extremely inaccurate…

Up until now, the meters we use at home are considered "acceptable" if they are within 20% accuracy. There is another forum posting on TuD that makes reference to this becoming better in the future, but this is also something that we all have to keep in mind.

As an example, if your bg result was 100 mg/dL, it could vary down to 80 mg/dL or up to 120 mg/dL and still be considered "clinically accurate."

The only true number is a lab test. If there are any doubts, have a lab do a workup. :)

Meters have limited accuracy. Their results deviate by 15% to 20% from the real blood glucose. You can take 10 meters and the same blood and will get 10 different results. You can take the same meter and 10 stripes of the same batch and you will get 10 different results. Even the outcomes of the same stripe cut in half can deviate. This is because the traces of blood glucose in a drop of blood are tiny. The measured level is determined by an encymatic reaction in the test stripe. Temperature, moisture and other physical processes within the stripe will cause little deviations as it is true for all biological processes. On top of that the blood in the finger is not directly connected to the blood in your blood stream. Instead the blood glucose has reached the upper layers of your finger just by diffusion processes. So there will be some lag between the value in your finger and that of your blood stream. We should also not forget that healthy people have the dawn phenomenon too: glucose released by the liver that the secreted insulin has to work against.

To make it short: a single test is not sufficient for nearly anything. The best indicator is a glucose response test at the doctors office plus an A1c test.

Thank you everyone I feel much better about it now :)

The Joslin Center in Boston is researching why we get type 1, and if it is genetic. When I was at DO IT, they provided all of a pamphlet about a blood test they can run. It has a form in it, and you take to your doctor to draw the blood. I gave it to my son (37) and he took the test and was told he did not have any tendencies toward becoming T1.

I am not explaining the whole thing correctly, but if you contact Joslin, I am sure they would send you a brochure. It sure made me feel better.

I didnt know that. That is really interesting

I have entered my child into this research study: If there is a testing center near you, then you may want to consider. If you consent the child will have an annual blood sample taken to test for auto-antibodies associated with type 1 diabetes. Some auto-antibodies can be detected but T1 never occurs as well as sometimes auto-anitbodies can be detected years before the disease. If auto-antibodies are detected the research team may discuss research treatments to delay the onset of type 1. This provides me some piece of mind and may do the same for you.

I’ve been offered the opportunity to enroll my kids in this too… Keep us all posted on whether you continue to think it is a worthwhile endeavor

Thank you for the information I will definitely be checking it out.

Thanks Capin. I knew I was not explaining it well.