High blood sugar and sneezing?

Does anyone sneeze a lot when their blood sugar is high? I am not a “sneezy” person. This is really the only time it happens?


I’ve heard some atypical symptoms, but that one is definitely an outlier. :wink: Can’t recall anyone else reporting that particular behavior.

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Oh…atypical alright!! Maybe that should have been the better question! What atypical symptoms have you experienced? Oh Betes…!!!

Thanks for making me laugh today! Its a tough one.

I used to get a slight earache when I went low. Talk about an odd symptom, and it only lasted a year or so.

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I used to get nauseous or just lose my appetite with lows–finally took that as a clue to check BS! My brother also does that, but didn’t recognize it until after he passed out and drove into a brick wall!

Love my CGM!

I get a little twitch in my chin when I get low. My wife will tell me to check my sugar if she sees it.

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YES! I sneeze too when my BG’s are high, usually close to 200’s it will happen. My nose will get stuffy too…and I retain water…it’s cause all that glucose is swimming around trying to get out…plus, type one, unlike type 2 is an autoimmune disease…it effects our entire systems.

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KatieY12 and cynthia_rogers, the fact that the two of you sneeze when high proves beyond a reasonable doubt that both of you are human anomalies (and in fact may not even be human). Are you members of the Reptilian Elite? Any Free Masons in either of your families??? :wink:


Free Masons. Hmmm. Anything free is usually worth what you pay for it.

Mason bees, OTOH, are really valuable little critters.


I had to post because of people doubting this and was looking to see if it has been acknowledge. Yes. I sneeze when I have high blood sugar. If it is really high, I sneeze in threes. I took a class many years ago for diabetics trying to get better control and sat next to a girl who also had a high A1C and she was also sneezing like this. There is no other correlation for me. I have known this for 20 years. Please don’t listen to people who discredit this as a symptom of high blood sugar. It may not be common, but it is a thing.

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So this has been happening to me too. I’ve been diabetic since 2011 but the sneezing just started a few months ago. It usually only happens for me when my sugars are close to 500 though, and I’ll sneeze about 5 times.

Interesting. I’m sneezing more lately, but having suffered with allergies since my 20s it never occurred to me to consider a connection with diabetes. I’ll have to keep some records and track this to see whether there’s anything to it.

When my blood sugar is really high and I have keytones, I tend to sneeze
multiple times. I have wondered if it was a coincidence, but it happens kind of a lot. AND I never just sneeze besides that time.

When my sugar is very high I tend to sneeze a few times. So weird!

Interesting! I don’t sneeze but I do get sniffly and congested when my BG is high